Access & Request Forms

Forms to request access to CLSS or having a new instructor added to Banner is a quick request away. Departments with classes not within the standard term dates must request these be added.

Adding Instructor to CLSS

If the instructor is not visible in the CLSS section scheduler, they must be assigned by Human Resources in Banner. Complete the form with the instructor ID number, start term, college, and department information.

Note: Once an email is sent the instructor has been updated, they will be visible in CLSS the next day.

CLSS User Access Request

Request access for those in your department who need viewer, scheduler, or approver access. Only schedulers can update the CLSS section scheduler and only the Department Chair and Associate Dean can be approvers.

Note: Academic Scheduling is available for training new users or permission changes.

Part of Term Request

The standard term dates are automatically loaded into CLSS during the Planning Phase. To add a new Part of Term, submit a request for Academic Scheduling to review to make available in Banner.

Note: Due to Title IV eligibility all Part of Terms should fall within the term types standard term dates.

Directed Studies & Internships

Requesting Directed/Independent Study and Internship classes be added to the schedule for registration must be submitted based on individual colleges.

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