ODEI Diversity Workshops

Upcoming Diversity Essentials

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Workshops by Request

The following workshops are available upon request, and can be formatted for a college, department, or classroom environment.  To schedule a workshop or to customize to your particular needs, please contact Kim Davis at kdavis2@ewu.edu or (509) 359-6874.

Creating an Inclusive Organizational Culture

Participants will learn:

  • strategies for reviewing your current organizational culture through an honest and critical lens
  • how cultural awareness and responsiveness positively affect your work and organization
  • recognition of the relationship between implicit bias, microaggressions, and organizational culture
  • ways to learn about cultures outside of your own
  • strategies to shift organizational culture to become more inclusive

How (Not) to Talk to Your Colleagues about Race

Participants will explore these questions:

  • Do we have to talk about race?
  • But aren’t things better?
  • Am I supposed to feel guilty?
  • Is it going to be uncomfortable?

Implicit Bias: Detoxing your Bias

Learning Goals:

  • The Truth about Bias
  • Development of Bias
  • Impacts of Bias
  • Focus on Cultural Humility
  • Self-Reflection and Change

Microaggressions: Have I Ever Said That?

Participants will:

  • Define and explore examples of microaggressions to create awareness.
  • Reflect on microaggressions we’ve observed/experienced at EWU.
  • Begin to identify ways to respond to microaggressions.

Microaggression: Intent versus Impact

Learning Goals:

  • What microaggressions are, and how common they are in our everyday communications
  • Intent versus impact of microaggressions
  • Effects of microaggressions on marginalized communities
  • Strategies for becoming more self-aware in relation to microaggressions

Mutual Mentorship: Navigating a Multigenerational Workforce

Participants will:

  • understand generational differences in the workplace
  • understand myths about generations
  • determine commonalities between generations
  • develop strategies to foster mutual mentorship

Over My Head: What’s My Role in the Fight for Equity?

Participants will:

  • understand that inequities do exist, even if it’s uncomfortable to acknowledge.
  • understand that identities are complex. One person can have privilege and also be marginalized
  • learn that discomfort is okay. Our feelings are valid, and we should accept each other for that.
  • brainstorm ACTIONS we can take to combat inequity from a variety of identity standpoints.

Service in a Multicultural Environment

Participants will learn:

  • Why service is so important for each of our departments
  • The difference between bad, good and excellent service
  • Common myths in the service world
  • Three types of service interactions
  • How to deal with difficult people
  • Keys to Inclusive Service
  • Putting it all together at EWU (or your organization)

Strategies for Ensuring Culturally Responsive Advocacy

  • the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion for organizations
  • how cultural awareness positively affects your work
  • how implicit bias and microaggressions manifest in your work and everyday life
  • the relationship between implicit bias and advocacy outcomes
  • to acknowledge our own biases and see each client’s and individual’s worth in order to reduce the effects of implicit bias on your work

Workshop on Workplace Diversity

Participants will:

  • understand the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion for organizations and EWU goals
  • gain awareness of identities that make up diversity in the workforce, including protected classes
  • discuss structural issues that exist on our campus and nation-wide that hinder equity
  • understanding how cultural awareness positively affects your work and creating an inclusive environment promotes equity