WEPA Printers and Locations Expand

All WEPA printing locations at Cheney and Spokane campuses, and around the world, can be found here (search for Cheney or Spokane or anywhere you would like):

How do I pay to print? Expand Student Payment Options for Printing

Each student who pays the TechFee is provided $9.00 of print credit (both for Quarter and Semester students) in their Wepa account. The $9.00 print credit can be used for Wepa printing services only.  The $9.00 print credit cannot be used for poster and/or photo printing services at the MMC.

Additional printing can be paid for by logging into your account at the Wepa portal,, or adding funds to your Flex (also referred to as EagleFlex) account. For more help about Flex/EagleFlex, contact the EagleCard Office at 509-359-6184, in person at Tawanka 120, and here.

Can I print from my personal computer? Expand

Yes.  Go to to download print drivers, and login with your Single Sign-On to upload and print documents.

To access your Wepa account to upload documents, link cloud storage services (Google Drive, OneDrive, etc), print history, and other print related services:

  • Click the Login button at
  • Select Eastern Washington University
  • Login with your Single-SignOn
Can a department pay for students’ academic poster or photo prints? Expand

Departments can pay for academic-specific poster or photo prints at the MMC by completing the MMC_IDPO_Payment_Details

IDPO’s are a valid payment option for academic posters and photo printing only.  All other printing (Black/White or Color laser output, flyers, etc) need to be managed through WEPA print services.  For more details please visit

Options for Large Quantity, Full Service, and/or other printing requests the MMC is unable to service Expand

For cases when or where the MMC is unable to provide the level of service needed or requested by students, faculty, or staff, please visit EWU MarCom!  Details:

University Marketing & Communications (MarCom) is your official source for all of your communications needs.

Let our talented designers, editors, and web professionals create your marketing materials consistent with Eastern’s marketing standards.

Best of all, our services are largely free of charge (with the exception of printing and rush projects).

The MMC Services and Policies Statement can be found here:

Guide to Using Wepa Wepa Solutions & FAQ’s Wepa Printer Drivers Upload Document to Wepa

Printing Prices

Black/White and Color Wepa Laser Prints:

Paper SizePrice / Per Page
8.5 x 11$.08 BW, $0.11 BW Duplex, $.26 Color, $.41 Color Duplex
Tabloid 11 x 17
MMC & Catalyst Bldgs Only
$.17 BW, $0.23 BW Duplex, $.50 Color, $.80 Color Duplex
Tabloid Extra 12 x 18
MMC & Catalyst Bldgs Only
$.25 BW, $0.37 BW Duplex, $1.00 Color, $1.00 Color Duplex

Poster / Large format Color Prints… MMC (Multimedia Commons, main floor Library) only. Academic pricing only. The MMC does not provide printing services for departments.  Please use a non-EWU copy/print service.

Paper SizePrice / per linear ft
2' and 3' wide Standard Bond Paper$3.00 per linear ft

Photo-quality Inkjet Color Prints… MMC (Multimedia Commons, main floor Library) only.  Academic printing only. The MMC does not provide printing services for departments.  Please use a non-EWU copy/print service.**

Paper SizePrice / per page
8.5 x 11$1.00 per page
11 x 17$2.00 per page
13 x 19$3.00 per page

** The smallest photo paper option is letter (8.5″ x 11″)