EWU Policy 901-05: Nepotism (Draft)

• Policy Proponent: President’s Office
• Expands the definition of family to include aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and cousins
• Adds more information regarding the development of a conflict of interest management plan when a supervisor has a familial relationship with a subordinate
• Adds a new chapter to address the disclosure and management process of situations where a student seeks to take a class from a family member

EWU Policy 203-08: Mobile Devices (Draft)

This policy repeals and supersedes EWU Policy 203-03 (Cellular Telephones and Services).

Policy Proponent: Vice President for Business and Finance
Identifies the security and compliance requirements for employees who use mobile devices to conduct university business
Updates the procedures and standards for issuing university-owned mobile devices
Creates an alternative for employees who have a university-owned mobile device to receive an allowance for using their personal device to conduct university business