Supplier Diversity

EWU Supplier Diversity Program

Eastern Washington University values diversity in its procurement processes and strives to increase opportunities for small, diverse, and veteran-owned businesses. The university will take action to remove unnecessary barriers that prevent small, diverse, and veteran-owned businesses from receiving equitable access to the procurement of goods and services for the university.

The university shall develop a plan to afford maximum practicable opportunity for small, diverse, and veteran owned businesses to directly and meaningfully participate in the execution of university contracts for public works, goods, and services. This plan will include, at a minimum:

  • Outreach to small, diverse, and veteran-owned businesses;
  • Inviting small, diverse, and/or veteran owned businesses to provide quotations for goods and services when the university knows the business offers such services;
  • Removing barriers from solicitation/contract language, where appropriate, to encourage the participation of small, diverse, and/or veteran owned businesses;
  • Increasing transparency by publicly posting bids and bid award documents for each competitive procurement.

What qualifies as a small, diverse, or veteran-owned business?

  • Small businesses means the primary location is in Washington state and the business has 50 or fewer employees or a gross annual revenue of less than $7 million.
  • Diverse businesses are owned by: Women; People in a racial minority; Socially and economically disadvantaged people.
  • Veteran-owned businesses must be at least 51% owned by a veteran to qualify for certification.

Tips to get you started

Additional information and resources

Stay informed

The State of Washington hosts events, provides training, and works with small and diverse business communities to connect them with tools, resources and statewide contracting opportunities.

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