EWU Army ROTC Cadets Conduct Formations and Order of Movement Training

For the January 28, 2021 Leadership Lab the Fighting Eagles Cadets conducted squad level Formations and Order Of Movement (FOOM) training.  The training was conducted on the Cheney Waterworks property a short drive from Eastern Washington University.  The forested property at the Waterworks gave the Cadets enough space to practice their basic soldier skills during the training

Cadets stand in formation as they wait to begin the leadership lab at the Cheney Waterworks property.

To start the lab, the Cadets received demonstrations on squad level movement formations.  The Cadets were then given time to practice these techniques with their squad during the lab.  During the lab, several MS-III (junior) Cadets had the opportunity to rotate through leadership as platoon leader (PL) and platoon sergeant (PSG) to prepare themselves for their upcoming Cadet Summer Training (CST) and Advanced Camp at Ft. Knox, KY.

MS-III Cadet, Everett Kuhnel talks over the radio to other squad members.

During the training, MS-III leadership was able to communicate with their squads over tactical radios and using hand and arm signals.  The wooded terrain gave the Cadets a good replication of the conditions they will experience at Ft. Knox during this summer’s Advanced Camp training. Depending on the different terrain the MS-III Cadets had to learn to maneuver their squads into different formations.

Nik Chapple moves with his squad through the wooded terrain at the Cheney Waterworks property.

Mykenzie Belliotti takes notes during leadership lab training.

The Cadets trained for a total of two hours on Formations and Orders of Movement training before completion of the lab.  It was another good training event planned and executed by our MS-IV Cadets.  Great job by all our Cadets.  Eagle Strong!

Note:  More pictures from the Leadership Lab can viewed and downloaded on our EWU Army ROTC Flickr page.

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