GAFPB Testing Day #1 (Cancelled Due to COVID-19)

Day #1 of German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge (GAFPB) testing will be held on November 16, 2019 (4-5APR2020 rescheduled).  The following events will be held on this day:

  • Swimming test (EWU Aquatics Center)
  • Fitness test (EWU Fieldhouse)
  • Shooting test (Medical Lake DOC Range)

EWU ROTC’s Hosting Of German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge Testing Featured on Multiple Media Outlets

The recent hosting of the German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge (GAFPB) test by the Eastern Washington University (EWU) ROTC program has brought a lot of positive media attention to the Fighting Eagles Battalion.  Below is a list of the articles published about the GAFPB with short excerpts.  Click the links to read the full articles.

U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Jessica Dillow, 92nd Medical Operations Squadron medical technician, performs the marksmanship test during the German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge Competition hosted 17-18 November, 2018 by Eastern Washington University ROTC. (Photo Credit: A1C Lawrence Sena)

  • Eastern Washington University ROTC Hosts First German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge Competition (US Army website)

“The individuals who competed for the GAPFB this weekend, whether they earned a badge or not, are an excellent example of why the United State military is so great,” stated Sergeant First Class Jason Hennig, EWU ROTC’s Senior Military Instructor. “They recognized the opportunity for a unique challenge, they accepted that challenge, and gave it everything they had. Readiness is the Army’s number priority and this event absolutely reinforced that. The Service Members that prepared for these events were rewarded with the opportunity to wear this unique foreign award. For those who did not prepare, they were left with the understanding of how important rehearsals and preparation are to any exercise or training event.”

“Wearing the GAFPB is a symbol of pride,” said U.S. Air Force Tech. Sgt. Ken Chudoba, 92nd Maintenance Squadron Munitions Material section chief. “The badge shows Airmen stepped outside their comfort zone and did something to set themselves apart.”

There were more than 160 participants from 23 different military units throughout the Pacific Northwest region, including Air Force recruiters, Air Force ROTC recruits and four units from Fairchild.

Competing for the GAFPB provides an opportunity to test the physical and mental skills Airmen may use in battlefield situations and provides a first-hand look at how German forces measure their combat readiness, said U.S. Air Force Maj. Joseph Schneider, 92nd Security Forces Squadron commander.

  • ROTC Cadets Compete for Military Proficiency Badge (Eastern 24/7)

“We have cadets who have transferred to Eastern for its ROTC program,” said Capt. Gregory Benjamin, assistant professor of military science. “This event is an opportunity to highlight what the ROTC program brings to the university and what the school does in return.”

  • EWU ROTC Takes Top Spot in Military Badge Competition (The Easterner)

Null competed for the honor to wear the GAFPB along with 167 other members apart of 22 different U.S. military units throughout the West Coast. Other universities that competed included: Gonzaga University, University of Idaho, Washington State University, Seattle University, University of Washington and Central Washington University.

“To me, it means that I’ve come much farther than I ever would’ve had I not been here,” Null said. “It means that I’ve been doing all the right things. I’ve been working to achieve, not just the gold for the GAFPB, but it means I’m likely to get commissioned in the Army and that I’m likely to put myself on the path to a brighter future.”

Airmen from Fairchild Air Force Base, Washington participate in the German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge competition hosted by Eastern Washington University, November 17th and 18th. The competition is an opportunity to reinforce German and American alliances, and allows members of the US Armed Forces to experience how allied forces stay mission ready.

Go GAFPB!  Go Fighting Eagles!

Eastern Washington University ROTC Hosts the 2018 German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge Test

Between 17-18 November 2018, Eastern Washington University (EWU) hosted its first ever German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge (GAFPB) test.  The test was sponsored by the EWU Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), Fighting Eagles Battalion and drew 167 participants to the university to attempt to earn the highly coveted GAFPB.  The participants were mix of ROTC Cadets, active duty personnel, National Guardsmen, and Reservists from across the states of Washington and Idaho.  Testing for the GAFPB actually began at each unit’s home station where each participant had to successfully complete first aid and Chemical, Biological, Radiological, & Nuclear (CBRN) testing.  The participants that successfully past these events then traveled to EWU campus to complete the remaining evaluated events.

In the early morning hours, GAFPB participants gather in front of Cadet Hall on the campus of Eastern Washington University.

The lead evaluator for the GAFPB test was Sergeant Major Ronald Schiller a German Army exchange officer stationed at Ft. Lee, Virginia.  With sponsorship from the EWU ROTC alumni, Sergeant Major Schiller and his wife Katie were able to come Cheney to oversee the event.

EWU ROTC Assistant Professor of Military Science Greg Benjamin and German Sergeant Major Ronald Schiller address the participants before the start of the GAFPB testing.

The 100-Meter Swim Test

After an early morning event registration period, the participants began the GAFPB competition with the 100-meter swim test in full uniform.  The swim test was held in the EWU Aquatics Center and supported by register lifeguards.  The 100-meter swim test had to be completed in 4 minutes.  After completing the swim the participants then had to tread water and remove their uniform and throw it completely out of the pool.  If they lost control of their uniform and it dropped to the bottom of the pool they were disqualified.  The swim test proved to be the most difficult event of the GAFPB testing since it eliminated the most participants.

The EWU Aquatics Center (picture from SGT Timothy Bowes)

GAFPB participants receive briefing before conducting the swim test in the EWU Aquatics Center.

GAFPB testing participants are ready to start the swim test.

GAFPB testing participants conduct the 100-meter swim test.

EWU ROTC Cadets Jameson Palmer (top) and Samantha (bottom) tread water as they remove their uniform.

EWU ROTC Cadet John Howard treads water as he removes his uniform.

EWU ROTC Cadet Thomas Luce treads water as he removes his uniform. 

Airmen from Fairchild AFB compete in the 100-meter swim test. 

The Basic Fitness Test

Following the swim test the participants then changed their clothes to execute the basic fitness test portion of the GAFPB test.  The basic fitness test was held in the EWU Fieldhouse which is an indoor multiuse facility with its own indoor track.  For the fitness portion of the test, each participant had to pass three events, a shuttle sprint, flexed arm hang, and 1000-meter run.  The times received for each event were averaged to determine if the participant passed.  Additionally different overall scores determined if the participant would receive a Gold, Silver, or Bronze GAFPB.

The EWU Fieldhouse (Picture from SGT Timothy Bowes).

Cadet Scott Hinshaw the lead Cadet Officer in Charge (OIC) of GAFPB testing mans the master scorer’s desk located inside the EWU Fieldhouse. 

Cadets Scott Hinshaw and Tyler Bergman work the master scorer’s desk that provided up to the minute updates on scoring to each participant.

The 11×10 Meter Shuttle Sprint

The first event of the basic fitness test was the 11×10 meter shuttle sprint.  For the shuttle sprint each participant had to begin on the ground on a mat, get up and then sprint around a cone before sprinting back to the mat.  Once back at the mat they had to drop to the ground again with their arms behind their back and then get back up and sprint around the cone.  The event was complete after the participant passed the cone for the sixth time.

Sergeant Major Schiller briefs the participants on the shuttle sprint event inside the EWU Fieldhouse. 

Shuttle sprint participants begin facing down on the mats.

Participants conduct the 11×10 meter shuttle sprint in the EWU Fieldhouse.

Airmen and Soldiers conduct the 11×10 meter shuttle sprint.

The Flexed Army Hang Event

After a five minute rest period, the participants then had to conduct the flexed arm hang.  The participants had to keep their chin above the pull up bar for as long as possible.  If their chin touched or went below the bar the time stopped.  The longer a participant held their chin above the bar, the more points they received.

SGM Schiller (left) briefs the evaluators for the flexed arm hang event.  From left: Cadet Bryce Stanton, 2nd Lieutenant Rebecca Trout, and Major Michael Peterson.

From left, EWU ROTC Cadets Thomas Luce, Amayia Roberts, and Megan Anderson conduct the flexed arm hang event.

A Sailor and Cadets conduct the flexed arm hang event.

EWU ROTC Cadet Nicholas Null conducts the flexed arm hang event.

EWU ROTC Cadet Adam Burnside conducts the flexed arm hang event.

Cadet Liam Hewey conducts the flexed arm hang event.

The 1,000-Meter Run

After completing the flexed arm hang event, the participants next conducted a 1,000-meter run.  For the 1,000-meter run eight participants at a time had to run 5-laps around the Fieldhouse’s indoor track.  The evaluators provided by the EWU ROTC battalion track the number of laps and recorded the time for the participants.

Cadets Megan Anderson (left) and Cheyenne Sweet (right) briefs sailors, soldiers, and Cadets on the standards for the 1,000-meter run event. 

Cadet Megan Anderson briefs Soldiers and Airmen on the standards for the 1,000-meter run.

EWU ROTC Cadet Cheyenne Sweet evaluates participants as they conduct the 1,000-Meter Run event.

EWU Cadre member Captain Nicholas Carbaugh conducts the 1,000-Meter Run.

US Navy Sailor, PO3 Travis Rathe conducts the 1,000-Meter Run.

Pistol Qualification

After the completion of the basic fitness test the participants once again changed clothes into their duty uniforms to conduct the pistol qualification event.  The pistol qualification event was conducted at the Medical Lake Department of Corrections Range.  For the pistol qualification the participants had to successfully engage three targets located 20-meters away with five rounds loaded in the M9 pistol.  Three hits on the three targets was a Bronze score, four hits on the three targets was a Silver score, and 5 hits on the three targets was a Gold score.  After the completion of the pistol qualification event each participant was released for a mandatory rest period to prepare for the ruck march scheduled for the next morning.

The Medical Lake Department of Corrections Range (Photo by SGT Timothy Bowes).

Participants inspect their targets at the pistol qualification range (Photo by SGT Timothy Bowes).

Ruck March

In the early morning hours the GAFPB participants staying in the EWU Cadet Hall had an early wakeup call to prepare for the ruck march that morning.   For the ruck march event each participant had to carry 35 pounds of weight at different distances based on their performance the previous day.  For the participants still in the running for a Gold badge they had to march 12 kilometers (7.46 miles) in 120 minutes or less.  The participants in the running for the Silver badge had to march 9 kilometers (5.6 miles) in 90 minutes or less.  The participants still in the running for the Bronze badge had to march 6 kilometers in (3.75 miles) in 60 minutes or less.  The ruck march course took the participants on a tour around the beautiful EWU campus.

Participants prepare their gear in below freezing temperatures in the early morning hours in front of Cadet Hall.

EWU ROTC Cadet Matthew Jeffs ruck marches by one of the entrance signs to Eastern Washington University.

Washington Army National Guard recruiter Timothy Bowes ruck marches along side EWU ROTC Cadet Liam Hewey around the EWU campus.

A soldier from 4-23 Infantry from Joint Base Lewis-McChord ruck marches around the EWU campus with his unit’s guide on.

A group that included two Navy Sailors, an airmen, and two EWU ROTC Cadets ruck march around the EWU campus.

Airmen from the 92nd Security Forces Squadron at Fairchild Air Force Base participated in the GAFPB testing to include the Squadron Commander Major Joseph Schneider pictured on the right. 

Gonzaga University Cadets participate in the ruck march event. 

EWU ROTC Cadet Ryan Smith gives two thumbs up during the ruck march around the EWU campus.

EWU ROTC Cadets Kylie Crooks and Matthew Jeffs are all smiles during the ruck march around the EWU campus.

GAFPB participants ruck around the EWU campus.

GAFPB participants ruck around the EWU campus.

EWU ROTC Cadets Austin Bristow, Ethan Smart, and Austin Pfennig participate in the ruck march event.

Award Ceremony

After the completion of the ruck march event the participants next attended the award ceremony to recognize those that had met the standard to be awarded a GAFPB.  The award ceremony was held in the EWU Fieldhouse where friends, family, and alumni were all there to support the participants.  In total 94 participants out of the initial 167 received a GAFPB.  35x Gold, 54x Silver, and 5x Bronze GAFPBs were awarded.

The German Armed Forces Proficiency Badges (GAFPB) are on the table ready to be awarded.

The EWU ROTC historic World War II Jeep named “Lil Eag” was on display for the award ceremony.

GAFPB awardees stand in formation in the EWU Fieldhouse.

Before awarding the GAFPB’s, Sergeant Major Schiller provided some motivational comments to all the participants and thanked the EWU alumni for sponsoring the event.

SGM Ronald Schiller addresses the crowd and GAFPB participants at the EWU Fieldhouse.

Sergeant Major Schiller addresses the crowd while backdropped by a HMMWV provided by the Washington Army National Guard for the award ceremony.

EWU ROTC Class of 1967 graduate, Lieutenant Colonel (R) Jerry Mellick (left) takes a picture with German Sergeant Major Ronald Schiller.  Mr. Mellick representing the EWU alumni who helped sponsor the GAFPB testing also addressed the participants to let them know how impressed he was by everyone’s motivation and what they had accomplished.

SFC Eddie Quimby (far right) a US Army Recruiter responsible for the Cheney area assisted EWU ROTC by serving as a GAFPB evaluator.  SFC Quimby poses with EWU ROTC Cadets (from left) Kylie Crooks, Ryan Smith, Collin Galbreath, and Samantha Knight.

2018 German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge Awardees

CDT Thomas LuceEWUCDT Tyler BristowEWUCDT Libby GloverEWU
CDT Jameson PalmerEWUCDT Evan JonesEWUSGT Joshua HedbergSARC Office
CDT Nicholas NullEWUCDT Adam BurnsideEWUSN Mitchell StattonNavy
CDT Cesar GuzmanEWUCDT John HowardEWUA1C Danielle Petika92nd Medical Group
CDT Devantae HallEWUCDT Ethan SmartEWUSSG Justin CartwrightA/341st
CDT Haley BentEWUCDT Samantha KnightEWU
CDT Kylie CrooksEWUCDT Ryan SmithEWU
CDT Chad TriplettEWUCDT Joseph JordanEWU
CDT Jack BowenUniv. of WACDT Liam HeweyEWU
CDT Robert MitchellUniv. of WACDT Matthew JeffsEWU
2LT Vanessa MunroUniv. of WACDT Tyler RoylanceEWU
CDT Taylor PolsonUniv. of WACDT Kaylie WattersEWU
CDT Ian ZippUniv. of WACDT Carly GarlandEWU
PO3 Travis RatheNavyCDT Austin PfennigEWU
2LT John CoreyUniv. of IdahoCPT Nicholas CarbaughEWU
CDT Joshua LyonsUniv. of IdahoCDT Collin GalbreathEWU
CDT Jacob SkeltonUniv. of IdahoCDT Everett KuhnelEWU
SSG Gregory Hanshaw1041st Trans. Co.SGT Timothy BowesWA National Guard
SGT Justin Andrusak4-23 INSSG Joseph SleykoSARC Office
PFC Sawyer Hein4-23 INSSG Robert HauserSARC Office
CDT Gabrielle PowersWSUCDT Samuel HafflyUniv. of WA
SPC Jerod Rubalcava1-161 INCDT Graham HarperUniv. of WA
SSG James MartinC-112CDT Madeline MusardUniv. of WA
Maj Joseph Schneider92nd SF SquadronCDT Abigail CarterUniv. of Seattle
SrA Joseph Pace92nd SF SquadronCDT Austin GrosecloseUniv. of Seattle
Amn Bruin Dew92nd SF SquadronCDT Christina JohnsonUniv. of Seattle
CDT Chad BarkerGonzagaCDT James EvansUniv. of Idaho
CDT Lindsey EversGonzagaMSgt Joseph Nash92nd Maint. Squadron
CDT Grady GosselinGonzagaTSgt Kenneth Chudoba92nd Maint. Squadron
CDT James JolliffeGonzagaSSgt Brandon DeVera92nd Maint. Squadron
CDT Sean LericheGonzagaSSgt Christopher Munro92nd Maint. Squadron
CDT Alexander MurrayGonzagaA1C Sterling Fiske92nd Maint. Squadron
CDT Evan PowellGonzagaA1C Calvin Magcalas92nd Maint. Squadron
CDT Benjamin WuthritchGonzagaLTC Michael McCarthy92nd Medical Group
CDT Madison WoodworthCWUA1C Tyler Corter92nd Medical Group
SPC Jordan Overman4-23 IN
PFC Ryan Hamilton4-23 IN
PFC Jared Kyger4-23 IN
PFC Austin Jones4-23 IN
SGT Stanley Hutchinson4-23 IN
SSG Evan Hebenstreit4-23 IN
PV2 Alex Toepfer4-23 IN
CDT Tevita FeiloakitauWSU
CDT Rikul PatelWSU
SGT Justin Hiatt1-161 IN
SPC Zachary MaierC-112
SSG Nathan SnyderWA NG Honor Guard
SPC Zachary BergWA NG Honor Guard
SGT Zachary FlynnWA NG Honor Guard
CDT Bryson Barian-GarciaGonzaga
CDT Zion KirkGonzaga
CDT Mike SodervickGonzaga
CPT Jason BaggotGonzaga
CDT Kai CoveyCWU

Unit and Individual Statistics

The top overall unit from the GAFPB testing was the Eastern Washington University Fighting Eagles Battalion which was awarded 26x total GAFPBs.

25x EWU ROTC Fighting Eagles Battalion Cadets and 1x Cadre member take a group picture wearing their well deserved German Armed Forces Proficiency Badges.

The Top 5 units overall were:

  1. EWU with 26x GAFPBs (8x Gold, 17x Silver, 1x Bronze)
  2. Gonzaga Univ. with 12x GAFPBs (8x Gold, 4 Silver)
  3. 4-23 IN (JBLM) with 9x GAFPBs (2x Gold, 7x Silver)
  4. Univ. of Wash. with 8x GAFPBs (5x Gold, 3x Silver)
  5. Maint. Squadron (Fairchild AFB) with 8x GAFPBs (8x Silver)

Top Individual Basic Fitness Test Scores

10 x 11 Meter Sprint (Male)

  • 1.  CDT Kai Covey (CWU) – 36 seconds
  • 2.  (tie) CDT Cesar Guzman (EWU) – 38 seconds
  • 2.  (tie) CDT Robert Mitchell (UW) – 38 seconds
  • 2.  (tie) CDT Ian Zipp (UW) – 38 seconds
  • 2. (tie) PO3 Travis Rathe (Navy) – 38 seconds
  • 2. (tie) CDT Jacob Skelton (Idaho) – 38 seconds

10 x 11 Meter Sprint (Female)

CDT Carley Garland

  • 1. (tie) CDT Carly Garland (EWU) – 41 seconds
  • 1. (tie) CDT Lindsey Evers (Gonzaga) – 41 seconds
  • 3. CDT Madison Woodworth (CWU) – 43 seconds
  • 5. (tie) CDT Haley Bent (EWU) – 44 seconds
  • 5. (tie) CDT Kylie Crooks (EWU) – 44 seconds
  • 5. (tie) CDT Libby Glover (EWU) – 44 seconds

Flexed Arm Hang (Male)

SPC Jerod Rubalcava

  • 1. SPC Jerod Rubalcava (1-161 MI) – 111 seconds
  • 2. CDT Chad Triplett (EWU) – 101 seconds
  • 3. SSG James Martin (C-112) – 97 seconds
  • 4. PFC Sawyer Hein (4-23 IN) – 89 seconds
  • 5. 2LT John Corey (Idaho) – 88 seconds

Flexed Army Hang (Female)

CDT Lindsey Evers

  • 1. CDT Lindsey Evers (Gonzaga) – 74 seconds
  • 2. CDT Carley Garland (EWU) – 67 seconds
  • 3. CDT Kylie Crooks (EWU) – 57 seconds
  • 4. (tie) CDT Haley Bent (EWU) – 54 seconds
  • 4. (tie) 2LT Vanessa Munro (UW) – 54 seconds
  • 5. (tie) CDT Libby Glover (EWU) – 53 seconds
  • 5. (tie) CDT Gabrielle Powers (WSU) – 53 seconds

1,000 Meter Run (Male)

CDT Jacob Skelton

  • 1. CDT Jacob Skelton (Idaho) – 189 seconds
  • 2. CDT Joshua Lyon (Idaho) – 199 seconds
  • 3. (tie) SPC Jerod Rubalcava (1-161 IN) – 200 seconds
  • 3. (tie) CDT Jack Bowen (UW) – 200 seconds
  • 5. PO3 Travis Rathe (Navy) – 207 seconds

1,000 Meter Run (Female)

CDT Lindsey Evers

  • 1. CDT Lindsey Evers (Gonzaga) – 231 seconds
  • 2. CDT Carley Garland (EWU) – 234 seconds
  • 3. 2LT Vanessa Munro (UW) – 247 seconds
  • 4. CDT Madison Woodworth (CWU) – 248 seconds
  • 5. CDT Gabrielle Powers (WSU) – 254 seconds

Basic Fitness Test Overall Score (Male)

SPC Jerod Rubalcava

  • 1. SPC Jerod Rubalcava (1-161 IN) – 499 points
  • 2. CDT Chad Triplett (EWU) – 470.3 points
  • 3. CDT Ian Zipp (UW) – 455.3 points
  • 4. Robert Mitchell (UW) – 448.3 points
  • 5. CDT Grady Gosselin (Gonzaga) – 447.7 points

Basic Fitness Test Overall Score (Female)

CDT Lindsey Evers

  • 1. CDT Lindsey Evers (Gonzaga) – 504.4
  • 2. CDT Carley Garland (EWU) – 486.1
  • 3. CDT Madison Woodworth (CWU) – 429.7
  • 4. 2LT Vanessa Munro (UW) – 423.6
  • 5. CDT Gabrielle Powers (WSU) – 416.3


Congratulations to everyone that was awarded a German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge.  We hope everyone had a great time visiting the EWU campus and spending the weekend in the Spokane area.  The EWU ROTC Fighting Eagles Battalion plans to host the GAFPB test again next year in November 2019.  For those that didn’t pass or want to earn a Gold badge there will be an opportunity to do so next year.  Likewise personnel who have not attended the GAFPB test before are encouraged to do so.  Better yet try and beat the best individual scores from this year.

To conclude I want to give special thanks to everyone who made the 2018 GAFPB testing such a success.  Planning was led by the EWU ROTC Assistant PMS Captain Gregory Benjamin and assisted by the EWU ROTC Senior Military Science Instructor Sergeant First Class Jason Hennig.  Cadet planning for the GAFPB test was led by Cadet Scott Hinshaw and Megan Anderson.  We also appreciate all the support from the Washington Army National Guard and the US Army Recruiting command station in Cheney for the GAFPB testing.  Another thank you goes to all of our evaluators who worked with SGM Schiller to assure everyone was graded fairly.  Further thanks goes to our alumni in particular Mr. Jerry Mellick for helping to sponsor this great event.  Finally we want to thank Sergeant Major Ronald Schiller and his wife Katie for flying out to Eastern Washington University to oversee and be the lead evaluator for the GAFPB testing.  The extreme amount of professionalism by everyone involved made the GAFPB testing a great success.

Go GAFPB! Go ROTC! Go Fighting Eags!

Award Ceremony Photos

Below are photos from the award ceremony held in the EWU Fieldhouse.  Feel free to download and share all these photos with your friends and family.

Gold GAFPB Awardees:

Silver GAFPB Awardees:

Bronze GAFPB Awardees:

25x EWU ROTC Fighting Eagles Battalion Cadets and 1x Cadre member take a group picture wearing their well deserved German Armed Forces Proficiency Badges. 

0800- GAFPB Testing Continues

2018 EWU ROTC GAFPB Testing Schedule


  • 0800: Footmarch Brief
  • 0830-1100: Footmarch
  • 1200: Awards Ceremony
  • 1300: Catered Meal

German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge Testing Allows Army Captain to Reconnect with Eastern Washington University

This weekend the Eastern Washington University (EWU) ROTC, Fighting Eagles Battalion is hosting the German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge (GAFPB) testing.  Over 150 Cadets, active duty servicemembers, National Guardsmen, and Reservists are competing to earn the GAFPB.  Besides being an outstanding training and competitive event, the GAFPB testing has also allowed one Army Captain the opportunity to reconnect with his alma mater.  Captain Levi Floeter is a 2008 EWU graduate earned his officer commission through the university’s ROTC program.  Captain Floeter branched into the Infantry and has had a successful career that included serving as an Army Ranger.  While leading a successful Army career Captain Floeter even found time to publish a book, the “New Army Officer’s Survival Guide: Cadet to Commission Through Command“.

Captain Floeter is currently assigned to the University of Washington ROTC Kinnear Husky Battalion.  This weekend he helped lead a group of University of Washington Cadets to compete in the GAFPB testing at EWU.  Captain Floeter is another example of an EWU ROTC graduate doing great things in our Army.  Welcome back Captain Floeter!

Go Fighting Eags!