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Curricular Change

This site provides faculty planning to submit materials for inclusion in the Catalog an understanding of what CPACs look for during their assessment. It also provides references for CPAC members in performing their role on their committee.


Manage Courses

Learn how to edit or remove an existing course or propose a new course.


Manage Programs

Learn how to edit or remove an existing program or propose a new program.


Manage Catalog

Learn how to edit a Catalog narrative and other Catalog details.

Workflow & Timeline

All course and program proposals follow a specific workflow and timeline.
The submitter is responsible for making sure each step in the workflow is complete on time. Visit the Course and Curriculum Calendar for dates and deadlines.

Councils & Committees

  • Undergraduate Affairs Council (UAC)
  • Graduate Affairs Council (GAC)
  • Course and Program Approval Committees (CPAC)
  • Undergraduate CPAC Consent Agenda Criteria (all consent items are reviewed by UAC)

Course Description

Credit hour definitions

graduate students policy


Modes of Instruction

Program Learning Outcomes

Prerequisite recommendations

Syllabus Expected Elements