Eagle F.A.M.

Familiarize, Affirm, and Matter (F.A.M.)

Eagle F.A.M. is an immersive fall program aimed at building community, empowerment, and a sense of belonging for first-year students of color. Familiarize yourself with campus and all of the things you didn’t know you didn’t know. Affirm your dedication to your education and your reason for pursuing a degree, letting it motivate you to be successful. Recognize that you matter, your identities, your needs, your aspirations, your skills and talents all matter at EWU.

What to expect:

  • A jump start to the quarter! Being part of the Eagle F.A.M. program means you get to move-in early, meet new friends before school starts, and have fun getting to know Eastern and the surrounding community!
  • A generous stipend! All participants who commit to the full fall program are offered a $500 stipend. We know transitioning to college may have unexpected costs on students and families, as such the stipend is meant to help you ease the burden of first quarter expenses.
  • Individual attention from EWU staff and faculty. You will have a central place to ask any and all questions as you transition into your first-year of college. We will introduce you to faculty and staff of color who will make up your support system at EWU.
  • Meet ups and check-ins during the fall quarter. You are not alone in navigating this new world, and we know that questions come up once you are in it, which is why the program will run throughout the entire fall quarter!


Eagle F.A.M. builds a stronger and more inclusive environment at Eastern for first-year students of color. This program is an opportunity for students to share connections with other underrepresented students and student organizations, thereby making the campus feel more like home. By getting connected to resources early you increase your ability to be successful in your first year and through graduation.

Eagle F.A.M. 2021 students said the most beneficial part of Eagle F.A.M. was: 

“All of the activities including the talks, made me feel like I belonged, like I’m able to be myself.”

“Inclusiveness, support, & family feelings that I get from being here! This program made me feel more comfortable with campus & it made me more social!”

“Feeling comfortable right away with everyone and made EWU feel like my school.”