Incident Reporting

Call 911, then call EH&S (509.359.6496 or 509.359.5768) immediately, in the event of a:

  • On-the-job death*
  • Significant eye injury*
  • Hospitalization*
  • Amputation*

Contact EH&S immediately (509.359.6496 or 509.359.5768) in the event of a hazardous spill or environmental release.

*EWU has 8 hours from the time of these incidents to report to the state.

Incident reports need to be filled out for:

  • Injuries
  • Work related illnesses
  • Near misses
  • Vehicle Accidents - All accidents resulting in property damage or injuries involving a state vehicle or your own vehicle while driving on state business must be reported within 48 hours to Washington state on a  Washington State Vehicle Collision Report AND to EWU using an Incident Report.

They should be filled out for all incidents that:

  • Occur on an EWU campus or facility
  • Involve any EWU employee while at work, wherever work is happening.
  • Involve EWU students, on campus, during field trips, or during EWU organized activities.

If you are in a laboratory or shop, incident reports should be filled out if:

  • A spill occurs that requires the use of a spill kit.
  • Chemicals are released down the drain.
  • Something explodes or catches fire (even if it can be dealt with by an individual).

Please use the Campus Security Authority Form below to report: Graffiti, Harassment, Theft, Vandalism, Sexual Assaults or other criminal matters. In case of an active crime or emergency call 911, or contact EWU Campus Police at 509.359.7676

This form is intended to provide Campus Security Authorities (CSA's) with a method of reporting Clery crimes to the University Police Department for inclusion in the University's annual compilation of Clery statistics.

University personnel evaluate each crime report to determine if the incident reported requires the publication of a Timely Warning Notice or Emergency Notification to the campus community.  The intent of a Timely Warning Notice or Emergency Notification is to enable members of the campus community to protect themselves and aid in the prevention of similar crimes. It is critical that pertinent information is provided as soon as it is available.

Eastern Washington University takes reports of sexual harassment and assault, relationship violence, and stalking seriously. EWU is committed to providing an educational environment free from discrimination. If you have experienced any of these behaviors, you are encouraged to report using this form. Once you report, a member of our EWU Care Team or Title IX Team will reach out to you to provide support and options for next steps. Use this form to report: sexual harassment; discrimination on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression; non-consensual sexual touching or intercourse; domestic violence or dating violence; stalking; or, other forms of sexual misconduct.

Click the button below to fill out a Student, Faculty or Staff Incident Report.

Click the button below to fill out a Visitor Incident Report.

Click the button below to fill out a brief Safety Concern Report. Use this form to notify EH&S of safety issues you identify on campus.