Work Order Admin

Ways to request work and examples:

1. Non Urgent Work Order

  • Light out
  • Non-maintenance painting, carpeting, or blinds
  • Trucking/recycling/surplus
  • Remodeling an area (UFC approval required)


2. Urgent Work Order

  • Fire
  • Ceiling collapse
  • Maintenance issue (i.e. leaking or broken sinks, toilets, electrical issues)
  • Other custodial issues (i.e spills, toilet overflow)
Call 509.359.2245
Email workrequest@ewu.edu
*For assistance, see the Work Order Admin page*

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Shawn King, AVP, Facilities and Planning,

1115 Cedar ST                 
101 Rozell Plant
Cheney, WA 99004
phone: 509.359.6878
email: sking@ewu.edu

Facilities & Planning (F&P) supports the University in the construction and maintenance of its grounds, buildings and infrastructure. We provide management for the largest capital assets on campus and manage all construction services and contracts, design and engineering for construction projects on the University campus. We strive for excellence and take pride in creating and maintaining a safe, comfortable and visually appealing campus community.

Our staff supports campus facilities and provides leadership to support the development of the University's infrastructure. We maintain professional practices and strive for innovative opportunities to further improve our campus environment.

All our divisions work closely together to accomplish our goals. Our staff functions in the following areas: Facilities Business Services, Construction & Planning, Facilities Maintenance, Facilities Services and Environmental Health & Safety.