Community Engagement Fellows

The mission of Community Engagement Fellows is to help higher education faculty and community-based educators in eastern Washington nurture engaged citizens, serve the public, and improve our region and the planet.

The Community Engagement Fellowship Program facilitates the development of effective, sustainable campus-community partnerships that support teaching and research along with community development. The program runs from October to May each year.

Fellows join one of several interdisciplinary cohorts of colleagues (10-12 people) for a series of conversations about important aspects of effective community engagement. Fellows will also have the option to participate in larger community gatherings, field trips, and social events.

In addition, each Fellow works to advance her or his campus-community collaboration(s) in tangible ways. Work may include proposing or developing a new course, re-designing an existing course, assignment or internship program, creating a new event, writing a grant proposal for community-based research, or more.

Please contact Brian Davenport if you are interested in joining Community Engagement Fellows.