Commute Trip Reduction (CTR)

CTR Calendar Participation  – Here’s How:

Go to Commute Smart to create a commute calendar. Click on New User near the top of the page, next to the Login. If you work on the Cheney campus only, the worksite passcode is 5LTR Fill out the commute profile registration form, be sure to use your EWU email not a personal one, then click on Create Commute Profile. It takes you back to the home page where you can log in to fill out your commute calendar.   

Here is what you can win in addition to Spokane County providing awards:

$25 Bookstore Gift Card
$5 Dining Gift Card
$10 Bookstore Gift Card
Single Day Use Parking Pass
$20 CTR TOY Gift Winner
$20 Dining Card

Guaranteed Ride Home Program

For information on this program please read this information on how to use the program.

The Commute Trip Reduction Program (CTR) is a state wide effort to reduce air pollution generated by automobiles by cutting down the number of automobiles being driven to work with only one person in them (single occupancy vehicle). At Eastern Washington University, we were mandated to reduce by 35% our number of single occupancy vehicles and traveled miles in 2005. If you have any questions please contact Parking and Transportation Services at 509-359-7275.

CTR Award Winners for January

Check out the winners here

     CTR Award Winners

CTR Award Winners for November

Check out the winners here

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Parking and Transportation Services
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