Introduction to Risk Management

Risk Assessments

To learn more about risk assessments, the types of risk assessments and how to fill one out, click here.

EWU Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan

EWU's Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP) serves as a framework for mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery activities. It details authorities, functions, and responsibilities to establish a coordinated and effective response to emergencies and disasters of all types.

EWU Risk Register

EWU's Risk Register shows the likelihood and severity of the risks facing the university.

Department of Enterprise Services - Risk Management Basics Manual

“Risk Management Basics” is an overview of information keyed to new risk managers in Washington state agencies. It is written in short, stand-alone segments that can be used as an overview or introduction to risk management subjects.

Department of Enterprise Services - Risk Management

Enterprise Services provides risk management, including self-insurance, claims handling and loss prevention training and analysis.

Office of Financial Management - Risk Assessment 20.20 Policy

Learn more about how to identify, analyze, and measure risk with the 20.20 Risk Assessment Policy created by the Washington State Office of Financial Management.

File a Tort Claim

Individuals who have been harmed or who have suffered a loss as a result of negligent actions by a state employee or agency can submit a tort claim to the Office of Risk Management (ORM). ORM is required by law (RCW Chapter 4.92) to receive these claims.