The Office of Risk Management assists departments when it becomes necessary to purchase insurance for risks not covered by the self-insurance programs. The following is a list of some of the commercial insurance policies that are available. Others may be available for specific activities as needed. Departments requesting these insurance policies generally bear the cost of the premium. Contact the Risk Manager at

Internship Insurance

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Request a Certificate of Insurance

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Self-Insurance Liability Policy (SILP)

EWU's liability for the negligent acts of its employees is covered through the State of Washington Self-Insurance Liability Policy (SILP) administered by the State of Olympia. The coverage only applies when non-University employees (or their property) are injured/damaged by the negligence of an EWU employee or agent. In order for the coverage to apply, the employee or agent must have been acting in good faith on behalf of EWU and within the scope of the duties assigned to the individual by EWU at the time the loss occurred. Examples of coverage include:

  • General Liability, including Auto Liability - Covers injury or damage to a person who is not employed by the university or to non-EWU property. The injury or damage must be caused by the negligence of EWU, its employees, or agents.
  • Professional Malpractice - For faculty, staff, volunteer, and students performing clinical practice on campus. (Note: Students performing clinical practice off-campus are not covered, but may purchase their own separate professional liability student insurance.)

Coverage does not include:

  • Marine Hull and Vessel Operations
  • Aircraft Liability
  • Employee Fidelity
  • Student Sponsored Events
  • Damage to State Owned Facilities and Property
  • Injuries Covered by Workers Compensation or Similar Policies
  • Injuries/Damages on Foreign Soil


This policy provides comprehensive and collision property damage coverage for EWU owned or leased vehicles.  This policy only covers vehicles that are added to the policy.  Departments will be charged the premium for coverage.  If you would like to have your vehicle added to the insurance, contact the Risk Manager at 509.359.6618 or  Departments are encouraged to purchase the insurance for all vehicles that are leased from the State Motor Pool and for any vehicle that would cost a substantial amount to replace.  The deductible for claims on this policy is $1,000.  Coverage premiums are approximately $8 per $1000 of insured value (example: a vehicle with a replacement cost of $50,000 would cost about $400 per year for this coverage).

Athlete Insurance

This policy covers loss of life, loss of body parts, loss of one of the five senses, hospital room and board, intensive care room and board, hospital miscellaneous expenses, outpatient hospital expenses, surgical benefits, doctors's visits, x-rays and labs, nursing services, physiotherapy, ambulance, medical equipment rental, medical services and supplies, dental treatment, and prescription drugs. This applies to EWU athletes only (NOT including clubs or orgs).

OnCall International

This policy provides pre-trip plans, medical monitoring, emergency medical evacuation and repatriation, return of remains, return of dependent children, visits by family and friends, emergency return home, bereavement reunion, 24 hour nurse help line, prescription assistance, deposit, advance and payment guarantees, medical dental, and pharmacy referrals, dispatch of medicine, coordination of benefits, pre-trip information, 24/7 travel arrangements, translator and interpreter referral, emergency travel funds assistance, legal consultation and referral, lost and stolen travel documents assistance, emergency message forwarding, lost luggage assistance, political evacuation, natural disaster evacuation, medical expenses, accidental death and dismemberment benefit, administrative access to Searchlight (On-Call Site Portal).

Please note that coverage through OnCall is mandatory for all EWU students participating in a study abroad program. Additional charges for enrollment in the OnCall coverage will be applied to your EWU student account and you will receive email notifications to your eagles email of your enrollment. Students participating in a 3rd Party Provider program may use that company's insurance provided it is equivalent to the EWU mandatory coverage.

Out of State Workers' Compensation

This policy covers bodily injury by accident or by disease. This includes resulting death from either injury by accident or disease. The employee must be doing business on behalf of EWU and must be in the United States or Canada.

Student Interns - Medical Malpractice, General Liability, and Professional Liability

This policy covers EWU students who are part of a medical or non-medical internship and protects the students and the university from any claims that may be made against either the student or the university as a result of something the student did as part of their internship.