Request a Waiver/Release Form

This web form is used by EWU departments and programs to request a waiver/release form be prepared for a specific event, activity or program.
These forms are typically developed for events or activities that pose additional risks to participants that are outside of normal classroom or campus activities.
Examples include extracurricular activities such as ziplines, inflatables, trips off campus, etc. and academic activities such as field trips.

What is a Release / Acknowledgement of Risk?

An acknowledgement of risk (AOR) is a tool for informing participants about potential risks that come with participation in an activity, event, or program, and documenting their decision to assume those risks.  A release form is a legally binding contract, in which the participant in an activity agrees to not hold the university responsible or "liable" for any injuries that the participant might receive as a result of participating in the university's programs.

How to Request a Release / AOR Form

To request a release / AOR form, fill out the form below, completing all the questions to the best of your knowledge. Make sure to fill out the form at least several business days before your event, as to allow for time to us to develop your release/AOR form.
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  • Please give a detailed description of this program/event.
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