EWU ROTC Conducts Physical Training At Roos Field

It has been another good start to the week with our Eastern Washington University (EWU) ROTC Cadets conducting early morning Physical Training (PT).  Despite the rainy and cool conditions this week, our Cadets have been working up a sweat over at the Inferno at Roos Field.  The Cadets have been conducting rotational workouts at different stations that includes running the stadium stairs, sprints on the track, fireman carries, and other conditioning workouts.  Building fitness is part of our mission of building leaders here at the EWU ROTC program.

Below is a few pictures from our PT sessions so far this week.  Go Fighting Eagles!

Fireman Carries

Bear Crawling

Overhead presses

Running Stairs at Roos Field

When the Cadets were not at Roos field they were doing pushups and climbing our obstacles walls back at Cadet Hall.

More stair running at Roos Field