EWU ROTC Commissioning Ceremony


On June 16th, EWU Army ROTC held its annual commissioning ceremony for our cadets that earned their college degree and are ready to be formally recognized as U.S. Army officers. We invited family members to be part of the ceremony by having them pin a gold bar on each shoulder, which represents the rank of a 2nd Lieutenant (2LT). The gold bar also represents the years-long forging process they underwent to become the leaders they are today. Congratulations to the U.S. Army’s newest 2nd Lieutenants (2LT)!

We also had the pleasure of hosting Washington State Senator Matt Boehnke as a guest speaker for the ceremony. Senator Boehnke is a 1990 EWU ROTC alumni who retired as a Lieutenant Colonel after more than 20 years in the Army and multiple combat tours. He then returned to his hometown of Kennewick to start a new career and serve his community. Engaged alumni are a great feature of our program and something we are thankful for.