We've Updated EagleSync

We are excited to introduce the updated EagleSync. Our new platform offers incredible ways to connect with EWU students, staff, and faculty. You can use the platform to join student organizations, learn about upcoming events, and meet other students with similar interests. We can't wait to show you all the exciting features the EagleSync has in store for you.

Meet our 150+ Student Clubs and Organizations

EWU is home to over 150+ student clubs and organization. Our clubs and orgs are led by students, and support the needs of our entire student community. Our students connect over their shared interest in faith, academics, professional development, culture, art, sports, leadership, and so much more. We also are always looking for students who want to start new clubs and orgs to meet the always evolving interests of EWU students. If you have a passion, we want to connect you with other students who share your passion.


Explore Our Student Events

EWU hosts several hundred events each year designed to build the Eagle community. These events provide opportunities to meet new people, learn something new, and just have fun. Most of these events are student led, and are open to all EWU students. This includes our movie nights, concerts, game events, and educational speakers. Some of our events also provide opportunities to travel, and represent EWU across the country.


Connect With 10,000+ Eags

Students who are connected across campus are more likely to earn better grades, reach graduation, and earn employment in their field of study. The people you meet through EagleSync will help you when times are difficult, and will be their to celebrate with you during your successes. Check out the exciting ways to get connected with EWU students, staff, faculty, and community partners through EagleSync.