Course Equivalencies

Eastern Washington University accepts course credits from regionally accredited institutions. Courses are accepted into one of three categories: a specific EWU course, a general education requirement, or a general elective credit.

Once an equivalency is created, the information is recorded in the EWU Transfer Guide.

Creating Course Equivalencies

Course equivalencies exist to prevent students from repeating course work at EWU that they have already taken at from previous institutions. Mapping those equivalencies is done through the software program TES (Transfer Evaluation System) and filed through Degree Works (EWU’s degree auditing software).

The Transfer guide only displays courses that have been transferred into EWU previously and what they transferred in as. If a course is not listed, it does not mean that it will not transfer in. It just means that a student hasn’t tried to transfer it in yet.

Course Description Database

At its core, TES is a continuously updated course description database from participating colleges. If TES did not exist, evaluators would need to look up course descriptions in each institutions’ course catalogs manually and email all the resulting equivalencies one at a time.

EWU uses TES to save faculty time and effort while determining course equivalencies. TES uses built-in communication tools to streamline equivalency approvals and avoid cluttering faculty and staff email inboxes. This means most course equivalency discussions happen in TES instead of through email. Access to TES, or additional equivalency information, can be obtained by submitting a ticket to

Degree Completion Tables

Degree Works is an automated program that utilizes information tables to prepare an accurate report of degree completion for students. It provides information to staff to help advise students at EWU towards degree completion. If you have any questions concerning Degree Works, submit a ticket to

Transfer Guide – Existing Course Equivalencies

EWU’s Transfer Guide is a webpage that is directly connected to Degree Works. Faculty, staff, and students can view established course equivalencies without logging on. Please note that only courses that have been previously transferred to EWU are in the guide.

Requesting Course Equivalencies

Eastern strives to give you the credit you have earned. If you have a course you believed should have transferred as a specific course, but did not, we recommend speaking with your adviser. An additional option is to contact a credential evaluator in Records & Registration.

If you do not know who your adviser is please contact the Center for Academic Advising and Retention. To contact an credential evaluator in Records & Registration.

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