Meet the Staff

Writers’ Center Responders hail from a wide range of professional backgrounds and have advanced degrees from various academic disciplines. All have significant experience in writing and are available to respond to any type of writing at any stage of the process.

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Gail Forsgreen, MEd

Assistant Director

JFK Library M24
Phone: 509.359.4632

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MFA in Creative Writing (Fiction), EWU; BA in English Literature, Whitman College

  • Courses taught: Fiction, Poetry, Essays,
  • Publications: “Any Green Thing” – story in Blue Moon; “Around the Campfire” &
  • “Limn” – poems in Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Magazine
  • MFA graduate 2022, Writers’ Center Responder, Eastern Washington University
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M.A. in Rhetoric and Technical Communication with a Graduate Certificate in the Teaching of Writing

  • Courses Taught: English 113/114, English 101, English 201, English 205
  • Focus: Professional and technical writing
  • First-generation graduate from Eastern Washington University 2010 & Writers’ Center Responder at Eastern Washington University
  • College Assistance Migrant Program (2005) and TRIO Ronald E. McNair Scholar Program (2009) at Eastern Washington University
Photo of Darcy with her dogs

Darcy Bradley, PhD

Darcy has a BFA (California), an M.Ed (Colorado), and a PhD in Teacher Education with a focus on Literacy Instruction from the Ohio State University. Most recently, she taught English reading, writing, and conversation to international students through EWU’s English Language Institute. With over twenty years of experience in educational settings, she was a professor in undergraduate and graduate programs at both EWU and Western Washington University, has published journal articles and book chapters on literacy topics, and was an editor for a company that publishes professional books about literacy. Darcy has lived all over the United States and resides in Medical Lake with her husband, four stock dogs and twelve sheep. As a change from academic writing, she has turned to memoir in order to capture the serious, humorous, or trivial events of her life.

photo of graysen russell


M.A. in English Literature and Writing, B.A. in English Literature and Writing,
Minor in Technical Communication

  • Courses Taught: English 101, 113/114, and 201
  • Composition Instructor and Writers’ Center Responder, Eastern Washington University
photo of jennifer krasner


MFA in Creative Writing (Fiction)

  • Fiction editor, Willow Springs magazine 2022-2023
  • Academic coach and writing e-Tutor at EWU PLUS (Program Leading to University Success) 2021-2022
photo of joanna semler


MA in English Literature

  • Courses Taught: English 101, 113, 114, 201
  • Writers’ Center Responder, Eastern Washington University
Image of Dr. John, a responder, leaning against a bookshelf.


Ph.D. in History

  • Courses taught: US History
  • Fiction author of novels for children and adults (Roll Up the Streets!, Lost in Ghostville, Winterbay Abbey)
  • Writers’ Center Responder, Eastern Washington University
Karent, Responder, is standing in front the library


MA – Teaching English as a Second Language, TESOL certification in online teaching

  • Courses taught: Research Writing, Writing for Multilingual Students, English Grammar
  • Focus: Writing and grammar skills for multilingual students, language learning
  • Writers’ Center Responder, Eastern Washington University
Responder standing in front of a bookshelf


MFA in Creative Writing (Fiction), B.A. in Journalism, & B.A. in Writing Studies

  • Courses taught: English Composition, Creative Writing
  • Short story publications at Clamor: Literary Journal, Little Death Lit, and The Tiny Journal
  • MFA graduate 2022, English Composition/Creative Writing Instructor, Writers’ Center Responder, Eastern Washington University
photo of kristina pfleegor outisde on a bridge


MFA in Creative Writing

  • Courses Taught: English composition, creative writing
  • Poetry writer with poems published in Rock & SlingLilac City FairytalesHummingbirdBluestemLiterary Mama, and others
  • EWU graduate (creative writing MFA) and Writers’ Center Responder, Eastern Washington University
photo of lacey sipos


MA in History, BA in Political Science

  • Courses taught: ENGL 101, ENGL 113, ENGL 114 at EWU; various History courses at Park University.
  • Currently pursuing Ph.D. in Education: Curriculum and Instruction
  • Eastern Washington University Alum, Writers’ Center Responder and Instructor, Eastern Washington University
photo of lorin shahinian in front of bookshelves


M.A. in English Literature with an Emphasis on Writing

  • Courses taught: English 101, 113, 114, 201
  • Author of “From Flipping Burgers to Flipping Fatherhood: Bob Belcher”
  • Editor of a collection critiquing animated father figures, to be published March 2023
  • Writers’ Center Responder, Eastern Washington University
photo of oran bordwell in front of bookshelves

ORAN BORDWELL (They/Them & He/Him):

MFA in Poetry/Creative Writing (Eastern Washington University, Expected 2023), BA in Creative Writing

  • Courses: Foundational Texts in Poetry / Prose, Creative Writing Workshops/World Literature/Poetry
  • Writers’ Center Responder, ENGL 114 Student Coordinator,
    MFA Candidate in Poetry, Eastern Washington University
photo of samantha mccann in front of bookshelves


M.A. in English literature, BA in English literature with minors in creative writing and journalism

  • Courses Taught: English 101, English 201, Intro to Literature
  • I teach at Spokane Community College and like to write fiction in my spare time.
  • Writers’ Center Responder, Eastern Washington University