Degree Works Planner

Degree Works Plans

Degree Works Plans are a module within Degree Works Degree Audit and it allows you to create long-term plans based on what a student still needs to complete for the major and general education courses.

In order to access Degree Works Plans, you will need to log into Degree Works here.

Degree Works Planner allows you and your advisees to plan their courses for the upcoming term and beyond, as well as estimate how many terms it would take to them graduate. Information can be pulled from the plans such as seat projections for any planned course. There will eventually be a reporting system that will also allow you to track if a student is “on track” for the long-term plan as they progress term-to-term.

For student registration purposes, think of these 3 steps: 1) Degree Works Planning, 2) Scheduling, and 3) Registration. Each step feeds the information into the next. First you create a Plan in Degree Works Plans; once the schedule is released for the upcoming term(s), students will Schedule their courses in EagleNET based off their Degree Works Plan. Finally, once the student’s registration date arrives, they can click Register on the schedule that was built!

Degree Works Planning

Creating a New Plan

Editing a Plan

Click for a student’s view: Scheduling and Registration.