Online Request Forms

You can use the forms on this page to quickly submit requests for a variety of different reasons. Please see the associated buttons below.

Prerequisite Override Request

Please use this form if the student has met the prerequisite requirements for the class but the system does not recognize it, such as having transcripts on file but not evaluated yet.

CAAR Credit Overload Request

Please use this form if the student is wanting to take over 18 credits for the next term. Remember that 19 – 22 credits is approved by your supervisor; 23 credits and above require the Director of CAAR’s approval.

Pre-University Basic Skills Change/Drop Request

Please use this form if a student needs to drop or change sections of a PUBS course.

Math Override Requests

If you need to request a Math override request, you will need to fill out the form on EWU’s Math Override Request page. You can get to the page by clicking the button below.

Academic Degree Planner

This form can be used to help students during their degree planning sessions. The supplemental information on the form is a guide to general education requirements at EWU but the form itself can be used throughout the student’s academic career at Eastern. The form is intended to be used digitally, allowing it to be updated through a student’s time at Eastern. Please try to save and share this form with the student instead of printing it.