Major Declaration

Ready to declare your major? Speak with your CAAR advisor or an advisor from your desired major’s department and fill out the major declaration form!

All undergraduates must declare a major by the time they reach 60 credits. Undeclared students with more than 60 credits will be able to register only after officially declaring their major.

Declaring/Changing Your Major

We want to connect you to what you’re interested in studying. All undergraduate students are required to declare a major by the time they have earned 60 quarter credits.

  1. If you’re still investigating majors, consider:
  2. Fill out a Major Declaration Form.

Please note that some majors require an application and/or admission to the program prior to official major declaration. Please contact your major department directly to inquire about additional requirements.

Declaring A Minor or Certificate

Some majors require declaration of a minor or certificate as a compliment to your major. Use the Major Declaration Form to declare, change or drop your minor(s).

You must declare a major BEFORE (or at the same time) that you declare a minor. Certificate programs also require a major prior to declaration unless you are a post baccalaureate student.

Declaring More Than One Major

Students wishing to declare more than one major should work closely with their advisor(s) to ensure timely completion of both majors. A Major Declaration Form should be submitted for each major.

Major & Minor Requirements

Note: There are two important catalog years in your academic career. Understand the significance of both years.

The first term you attend determines your BACR and Graduation Requirements Catalog Year. The term in which you declare a major determines your major catalog year.

Keep track of this catalog year. It contains the university requirements needed to graduate and will not change. It details the specific year program requirements needed to graduate. If you redeclare this catalog year will change.

After the 10th day of each summer quarter, students will be declared in the catalog for the following fall. For example, a student whose major declaration form is submitted after the 10th day of summer 2024 will have a Catalog Term of fall 2024.

If you don’t know your Catalog Term, you can find it on EagleNET:

  1. Login to EagleNET.
  2. Click on the “Students” tab.
  3. Under “Academic Profile” in the left column, select the current term from the dropdown.
  4. This will generate your Academic Profile, which includes your Catalog Term.

Post Baccalaureate Students

Students who have already earned a post baccalaureate degree must declare a major after being admitted to the University as a post baccalaureate student. Financial Aid cannot be awarded to a post baccalaureate student prior to the major declaration being posted. Contact the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office for additional information.

Former Students Returning

Former Eastern Washington University students who were required to submit a Former Student Returning Application to the Admissions Office must declare their intended major prior to earning 60 credits even if they had previously declared a major.