Cancel enrollment as an incoming student, withdrawal due to exceptional circumstances, or completely withdraw from classes.

Cancellation of enrollment

This form is for NEW and READMITTED STUDENTS who have chosen not to enroll at Eastern Washington University for their term of admission.

If the term has already begun or if you have already been in attendance at EWU, you should withdraw using either a registration form (to drop individual courses) or the Complete Withdrawal Form (to drop all courses).

Exceptional Circumstance withdrawal

In the case that an exceptional circumstance (out of your control) prevents you from completing the term in which you are enrolled, this form is for requesting:

  1. a withdrawal from the course(s) after the withdrawal deadline (please see academic calendar for dates and deadlines)
  2. a tuition refund

*Submission of this request does not guarantee grade change or refund.

complete withdrawal

This form is for students who want to completely withdraw from all of their classes this term.

If you wish to drop individual courses, you can do so on the registration form, EagleNET, in-person, or email regonline@ewu.edu.

Please refer to the academic calendar to check on the deadlines for any refunds (if applicable) and the last day to withdrawal from a given term.

*If you are a part of the Online Accelerated Programs, please check with your Department for dates and deadlines

*If link is broken, please send an email to regonline@ewu.edu with your first and last name

Cancellation of Enrollment Request

This form is for NEW and READMITTED STUDENTS WHO HAVE CHOSEN NOT TO ENROLL AT EASTERN WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY FOR THEIR TERM OF ADMISSION. If the term has already begun or if the student has already been in attendance at EWU on their current matriculation, the student should withdrawal using either a registration form (to drop individual courses) or the Complete Withdrawal Form (to drop all courses).

By submitting this request, notification of your intent to cancel your enrollment will be communicated to the following offices:

  • Records and Registration
  • Admissions
  • Academic Advising and Retention
  • Financial Aid and Scholarships
  • Student Financial Services
  • Housing & Residential Life
  • Student Employment

Once you submit this form:

  • Your classes will be cancelled.
  • You should contact the admissions office if you plan to enroll in a future term.
  • Your financial aid will be cancelled for this term. It will be cancelled for the remainder of the year if you will not be returning.
  • Your housing contract will not be cancelled. You must provide written notification to Housing & Residential Life.

Exceptional Circumstance Withdrawal

In the case that an exceptional circumstance prevents a student from completing the term in which the student is enrolled, this form is for requesting 1) a withdrawal from the course(s) after the withdrawal deadline or 2) a tuition refund.  Please fill out the form completely, submit supporting third-party documentation, and then submit your request. Please allow up to 10-12 weeks for processing after all documentation has been received.

Exceptional Circumstance Withdrawal Policy

The Exceptional Circumstance Withdrawal Procedure is governed in accordance with the Academic Policy 303-30: Registration, and prescribes standards and procedures for student registration at Eastern Washington University.

The policy for the Tuition Refund Schedule of Eastern Washington University is printed in the annual announcement and is developed in accordance with the Washington State RCW 28B.15.600, which states in part:

The governing boards of the state universities, the regional universities, and Eastern Washington University, may refund or cancel in full the tuition and services and activities fees if the student withdraws from a university or college course or program prior to the sixth day of instruction of the term or semester for which the fees have been paid or are due. If the student withdraws on or after the sixth day of instruction, the governing boards may refund or cancel up to one-half of the fees, provided such withdrawal occurs within the first thirty calendar days following the beginning of instruction….(3) The governing boards may extend the refund or cancellation period for students who withdraw for medical reasons, shall adopt policies that comply with RCW 28B.10.270 for students who are called into the military service of the United States, and may refund other fees pursuant to such rules as they may prescribe. The Exceptional Circumstances Request process is set in place in order to assist students who have had significant changes in their circumstances that prevent them from continuing their attendance for a particular term and/or to consider reducing the financial hardship experienced by these students. These circumstances generally revolve around students’ (or their families’) medical conditions, death in the family and military deployment.


General Information

  1. Submission of the request does not guarantee grade change or refund. Academic status, payment, late fees, etc. remain the responsibility of the student.
  2. Academic difficulty, disagreement on instruction, change in major, etc. are not considered exceptional circumstances.
  3. Request for “W” grade should be made within two years of the end of the requested term. Grades assigned for over two years may not be available for consideration for a withdrawal due to exceptional circumstances.
  4. No refund request will be processed without the course being approved for a drop or a “W” grade. In order to reverse course tuition and fees, the course must have been dropped or have been graded with a “W.”
  5. Alternatives to exceptional circumstance request Exceptional Circumstance Requests to withdraw from courses is not always advantageous or available to the student. Other alternatives include repeating courses, requesting academic forgiveness or grade appeals. More information regarding policies on repeats, academic forgiveness and grade appeals can be found in the catalog or by contacting Records and Registration.

Withdrawal: Medical Reasons (Self or Family)

Supporting documentation should be submitted to the Records and Registration office. Supporting documentation is typically a statement from a physician stating circumstances that prevented completion of the term or course. DO NOT SEND MEDICAL RECORDS.

Family members are not usually considered third parties.  If you have difficulty in identifying the type of documentation needed, please contact the Office of Records and Registration for assistance.  Please see the list below for documents that DO NOT support withdrawals:

  1. Billing statements (from physician or hospital)
  2. Prescriptions
  3. Photos of injury, medical condition, etc.
  4. Medical records
  5. Facebook postings

If grades have been assigned for the term, faculty will be contacted for permission to change the grades to a W.  It is the instructor’s decision to allow a grade change to a W.

Withdrawal: Military Duty

Students who have received orders to report for active duty for 30 days or more, are eligible to drop classes and are entitled to a reversal/refund of paid tuition and course fees. Copy of the military orders are required.

Withdrawal: Death in Family

Students who experience a death in their immediate family must submit third-party (e.g. copy of death certificate, newspaper, funeral home, medical provider, etc.) documentation which must show that the exceptional circumstances occurred immediately prior to or during the requested term and supports the need to withdraw.

Withdrawal: Non-Attendance

Students who enroll but do not attend will receive a grade of 0.0 and be held financially responsible. Faculty have the right to withdraw a student for non-attendance, but once a grade is assigned it is at the request of the primary faculty on the course.

Withdrawal: Other Circumstances Beyond Student’s Control 

Academic difficulty, disagreement on instruction, change in major, etc. are not considered exceptional circumstances.  Request may not be considered without supporting documentation.

Possible university error on record – Contact Records and Registration for assistance.

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