Community Resources

Accommodations and Support Services staff are not intended to serve as first-responders in emergencies. For immediate assistance, please contact University Police at 9-1-1 or 509.359.7676.

Accommodations and Support Services is committed to serving the campus, and to serving students who may be experiencing personal challenges. The timeliest way to reach a member of the Dean of Students staff or member of the Accommodations and Support Services staff is by sending a referral via one of our online report forms. Our office staff will respond to phone messages within 1 business day via phone or email (509-359-7924 or For students, to ensure that we assist you effectively, please make sure you clearly identify your first and last name, your student ID number, and your eagle email address when leaving either a voice or e-mail message. For faculty or staff, please provide full name, your department, and your preferred contact information so we can best respond to your concerns and provide assistance.