Success Stories

Eastern's Entrepreneurship program has helped so many students to learn about and grow their businesses. As a testament to their hard work, we have interviewed students and alumni and asked them to share about their experiences at EWU. Here are some real stories from some of our Eaglepreneurs!

Lloyd V. Dees

Student Entrepreneurs Spotlight Lloyd's-0What are some of your entrepreneurial accomplishments while at EWU?

"I’ve won the following awards and distinctions: Technology Commercialization Fellow, Technology Commercialization Academy (TCA) 'Most Promising Business Award for TCA 2019,' Certificate of Achievement (Marketplace Simulations), EWU Ideation and Value Proposition Design Challenge, EWU Product/Service Design Challenge, Best Technology Commercialization for 2020

"I've also competed in these events: Finalists in the Northwest Entrepreneurs Competition 2018,  Finalist in the EWU Pitch Competition 2018,  Finalists in the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization 2019, Finalists in the Texas Christian University Competition 2020, Runner Up in the Eagle Nest Pitch Competition.

"Some of the programs I've completed are the National Science Foundation Program, Innovation Corps, and the Technology Commercialization Academy. I've also been a Venture Capital Intern, went to the Global Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization Conference, and was the President of Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization."

Tell us about your business!

"Green Filter Guys Inc. is a filter company trying to revolutionize the smoking experience. We are trying to help provide Cannabis and Tobacco Smokers a cleaner experience that provides superior results. We have exclusive rights to a patented filter material that can filter out toxins with biodegradable filter material."

How did you come up with the idea?

"My Co-Founder and I were going through the EWU Technology Academy and came across the IP and found a market to commercialize it."

What have been your biggest challenges so far?

"Getting ready to pitch for Investment. Preparing everything for going up for Investment has been extremely challenging. We are trying to position ourselves so that we are the most attractive investment opportunity possible. Getting ready for investors to do due diligence on us and making sure we know all the terms and ready for investment."

What have been your biggest successes so far?

"I think my biggest success so far has been successfully completing the National Science Foundation Program and earning a Federal Grant. The process was fun and I learned a lot from doing it."

Please share an entrepreneurship memory from your time at EWU

"This isn’t necessarily a specific memory, but a series of events. I think the funniest thing about the EWU Entrepreneurship Program is that everyone you run into either in the Greater Spokane Entrepreneurial Community or in International Conferences everyone knows the director, Dr. Bruce Teague. He gets around."

Lloyd's 2022 Update

After getting his start at the EWU E-ship Center, Lloyd and his fellow Eagles Startup Challenge teammates, Amy Swanson and Cody Birkland, are reaching new heights. These EWU graduates have won the annual MIT Climate and Energy Prize, worth $100k, as well as UW's 2022 GIX Innovation Competition for their environmentally-friendly, low-energy laundry technology. We're proud of their work and excited to see where they take their company, now called Ultropia!