Technology Commercialization Academy (TCA)


Turn Your Ideas Into Reality

The EWU Tech Commercialization Academy (TCA) is a hands-on program that can help you launch a business. Whether you have a business idea of your own or want to contribute your valuable talents and abilities in other ways, we have a place for you.

In the TCA, you'll form a team, develop your skills, and access funding opportunities. In addition to a one-week immersive experience, you'll participate in events and have guided mentorship throughout the academic year. And when you're done? You'll receive a $1,000 stipend.

Applications Due

Oct. 6, 2023 at 6:00 PM, PST
Apply Now !

Applicants Notified

Oct. 7, 2023
via e-mail

TCA Kickoff

Oct. 7-15, 2023
All events occurring at CEB 125

What Happens in the TCA?

In the TCA, you'll grow a business idea from the ground up through the process of technology commercialization, going through several stages:

  • Stage 1: Idea Generation
  • Stage 2: Idea Screening
  • Stage 3: Concept Development & Testing
  • Stage 4: Marketing Strategy
  • Stage 5: Business Analysis
  • Stage 6: Product Development
  • Stage 7: Test Marketing
  • Stage 8: Commercialization

Traditionally, getting an innovative idea from the research lab to market consumes time, money, and effort. TCA is a way to overcome these obstacles in a forum of foreshortened fun. It involves brainstorming a patented research project by small student teams in a relatively short amount of time.

Learn More

Curious to know more about the TCA? Join our upcoming information sessions!
Join us in CEB 104 on September 26, Monroe 205 on September 27 & Catalyst 303 on October 2.
All sessions occurring from 4PM to 6PM.

We'd love to stay connected! Email us at if you have any questions.

What Else Do We Do?

In addition to the TCA, we work with entrepreneurial clubs and activities on campus including:


Herbert B. Jones Foundation Fellowship Grant

Thanks to a 3-year, $124,000 grant from the Herbert B. Jones Foundation Fellowship Grant, we are able to offer $1,000 stipends to fellowship students who complete the program. Each year’s group of fellows is drawn from a diverse pool of many majors ranging across the breadth of academic studies, so as to not concentrate too heavily in one area. After completing the TCA, students are eligible to compete in business plan competitions on college/university campuses across the country. Students benefit from being able to network with others with similar interests, obtain licensing through Washington State University (WSU), obtain seed money for new ventures without any equity exchange, and launch their ideas for potential innovations and/or startup companies.

Prototype Funding

Thanks to a generous grant from Wells Fargo, TCA participants have access to funds for prototype development. These crucial funds give TCA participants the opportunity to build, test, iterate and improve upon their ideas.