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Accelerated Online Course Faculty Contract
Accelerated Online Course New Faculty Contract
Additional or Outside Employment Form
Address Change Form
Applicant Certification (Sexual Misconduct Disclosure)
Change to or From Alternative Schedule
Civil Service Orientation Checklist
Classified Evaluation Form (3 months)
Classified Evaluation Form (5 months)
Classified Evaluation Form (Annual)
Electronic Fund Transfer
Employee Affirmative Action and Demographic Data Form
Employee Assistance Program: Grief and Loss
Employee Assistance Program: Grief in the Workplace
Employee Assistance Program: Helping a Grieving Person
Employee Assistance Program: Loss Manifestations Experienced
Employee Assistance Program: Resuming School During COVID-19: A Resource Guide for Parents
Employee Assistance Program: Supporting a Grieving Employee
Employee Assistance Program: Troubled Employees
Essential Function Analysis
Evaluation Schedule (Performance) for Civil Service Employees
Exempt Staff Annual Performance Appraisal Form
Exit Information
Exit Information from Payroll
Faculty Leave Request for Birth of a Child
Faculty Short Term Disability (FMLA)
Faculty Sick Leave Form
Faculty Twelve Month Pay Option - Enrollment and Withdrawal Form
Faculty Twelve Month Pay Option - Frequently Asked Questions
Faculty Twelve Month Pay Option - Plan Summary
Faculty Workload Form if using Adobe Acrobat
Faculty Workload Form if using Adobe Reader
FMLA - Health Care Provider Certification
FMLA - Health Care Provider Medical Certification for Pregnancy
FMLA - Certification for Serious Injury or Illness of a Current Servicemember
FMLA - Certification for Serious Injury or Illness of a Veteran for Military Caregiver Leave
FMLA - Certification of Qualifying Exigency for Military Family Leave
FMLA Informational Poster
I-9: Form
I-9: Instructions
Leave of Absence Request Form
Management Reclassification Request Form
Minor Work Authorization Form
MMR Waiver
Nepotism Form
Non-Student Data Change Form
Non-student Temporary Application Form
Paycheck Mailout Form
Payroll Chart Academic Year Credit
Payroll Chart P-1
Payroll Chart P-4
Payroll Chart P-5
Payroll Chart P-6
Payroll Chart Summer Credit
Position Description Exempt Staff
Position Review - Supervisor Portion
Position Review Request - Employee Portion
Position Review Request Guide
Proxy - How to Set Up
PSE Position Review Request Form
Quarterly Faculty Appointment Letter Template
Remote Work Request Form
Request for Leave or Overtime
Shared Leave Application Form
Shared Leave Donation Form
SSA - 1945 (Graduate Service Appointments)
Statement of Personal Ineligibility (Graduate Service Appointments)
Teleworking Request Form
Timesheets - Classified for 1st thru 15th
Timesheets - Classified for 16th thru 31st
Timesheets - Exempt for 1st thru 15th
Timesheets - Exempt for 16th thru 31st
Timesheet Quick Reference Guide
Timesheet with Tasks
Travel Time
Volunteer Form
W-4 Form
W-4 Idaho State Form
Waiver - COVID-19 - Medical
Waiver - COVID-19 - Religious