Steps to Graduate

If you plan to complete your remaining coursework within the next year, it’s time to apply to graduate!

To ensure you apply to graduate at the right time, be sure to audit your degree to confirm your earned credits and major.

Before Applying

You must apply to graduate to be awarded your degree. You should apply to graduate for the term that you will be completing your last requirement. 

The graduation CEREMONY (aka Commencement) occurs once a year in the Spring, including all students who have graduated within said Academic Year. For more information on enrolling into the Commencement Ceremony and who can join the celebrations to cheer you across the stage, visit our Commencement Site!

The deadline for graduation applications is at least two quarters or one semester before the term you plan to graduate. For example, if you are planning to finish all of your coursework in Spring, your graduation application is due in November. Your Academic Advisor can help you build an academic schedule to reach your graduation goals. Follow the steps below to keep on track toward earning your diploma!

You MUST earn a minimum of 180 quarter credits (120 semester credits), with 60 or more upper division credits (a course is upper division when it is numbered at the 300-level or above), to earn an EWU Bachelor’s degree. For transfer students, you must have at least 45 of these credits in attendance at Eastern Washington University, with at least 15 upper-division credits from EWU within your major to graduate.

Students completing a Bachelor of Arts degree (BA) must complete two years of a SINGLE language in high school or one year of a single language in college (Exception: BA in Education). If you think you completed this, but don’t see it recorded in your credits, make sure you check in with your Academic Advisor.

Step 1: Dates and Deadlines

Review the graduation application deadlines on the Academic Calendar. Be aware of what term you wish to graduate after and what deadline coincides with your decided date.

Your Academic Advisor can help you determine your graduation date and application deadlines.

Step 2: Graduation Application

  1. To complete your application, log onto EagleNet. Under the Student Tab, click on “Student Records” and then “Apply to Graduate”.
  2. The next screen will ask you to select the Degree/Major that you plan to graduate with. It will pre-populate with the most recent major declaration information we have on file. Select your program and click “Continue”.
  3. The next screen will ask you to select the term you are applying to graduate. Use the drop down box to select the term that you are expecting to have your requirements complete (this is NOT the ceremony date).
  4. Select “Continue”.
  5. You will then need to let us know what name you would like listed on your diploma. Use the drop-down menu to select a name we have associated with your record or select “New” to type in a new name.  
  6. After selecting or entering your name, press “Continue”.
    NOTE: If you have placed a confidentiality/directory restriction on your record, you will NOT be listed in the commencement program.  
  7. Next, you will confirm that the graduation fee can be charged to your student account. This fee goes toward the cost of processing your application, ordering your diploma and the commencement ceremony. On the Payment Screen, use the drop down box to select “Charge My EagleNET Account” and press “Continue”.
  8. After confirming the information you have entered for your graduation application is correct on the Summary screen, press “Submit Request”.

If you are unsure if the online application went through, the best way to know is to view submitted graduation applications in EagleNet. This does not mean that you are cleared to graduate, just that we received your graduation application. 

Step 3: Course Registration and Audit

Register for courses and meet with your Academic Advisor to ensure you will complete all earned credits before your graduation date. You should run a Degree Works audit once more. By the time you register for your last term, your Degree Works audit should show that all requirements are met or in progress.

Step 4: Pay Your Bill

Account must be paid in full prior to graduation.

  1. Access your bill through EagleNET.
  2. Under the Student tab, select “Student Account”.
  3. Select “Pay My Bill” and enter the term using the dropdown menu.
  4. Once you have selected a term and hit submit, you will see any outstanding balances that may exist. Click “Pay Now” to access the secure pay portal.

Step 5: Diploma Ready

Don’t forget to tell us where to send your diploma! You can update this address in EagleNet by adding a “Diploma Mailing Address.” Find more information about re-ordering diplomas on our main Graduation Page.

Follow the steps below to update your diploma mailing address in EagleNet:

  1. Go to EagleNet.
  2. Under the “Personal Information” tab, click on “Personal Information” or “Personal Identity Update Form”.
  3. Under the “Address” section, click on the the “+Add New” button.
  4. A blank address form will appear. Under “Type of Address”, use the drop down box to choose “Diploma Mailing.” After entering the address information click “Add.”

If you are a student who would like your diploma sent outside of the United States via FedEx instead of regular USPS, please complete the International Diploma Mailing Request Form. There is an extra cost associated with this option. 

Step 6: Commencement Ceremony

Here are a few suggestions to help you prepare for the Commencement Ceremony:

Visit the Commencement website and Academic Calendar for your specific commencement ceremony time.
NOTE: There are four different commencement ceremonies depending on your college. Be sure to find the right ceremony for you and your major!

Ceremony Cap & Gown

Students interested in participating in the ceremony are expected to be dressed in traditional graduation regalia. Graduation attire is available for purchase from the EWU Eagle Store.

There are differences in attire depending on undergraduate versus graduate degrees, as well as color-coordinated ribbons given to students who graduate with honors:

3.9 and 4.0 = Summa cum laude
3.7 and 3.89 = Magna cum laude
3.5 and 3.69 = Cum laude

Share Details with Family and Friends

Some students choose to send graduation or “save the date” announcements. Jostens sells the official EWU announcement cards. Guests intending to travel to the Ceremony should make plans early as lodging accommodations in the Spokane area can fill depending on other events happening in the city.

Friend and family who are unable to attend the ceremony can watch a live-stream version on EWU’s YouTube.

What to Expect

The June All-Campus ceremonies last about 2 1/2 hours. You will want to arrive at the ceremony location at least 45 minutes prior to the ceremony to line-up. There is NO rehearsal, but there will be LOTS of volunteers ready to direct you the day of the ceremony.

You will line-up according by major. There will be a program for the ceremony at your seat. When you cross the stage, you will hand a card with your name on it to a faculty member who will read your name before you cross the stage.  

Tips & Tricks for the Ceremony

  • Limit excess baggage: There isn’t a place to store your personal belongings. Whatever you bring to line up with is what you’ll need to carry with you throughout the ceremony.
  • Designate a meeting place, that isn’t the flag pole: The after-ceremony crowd often congregates right outside the door. There aren’t a lot of landmarks but talk with your family and friends about a meeting place to facilitate finding each other. Believe us, it will help with congestion and reduce frustration!

If you’re extra nervous about what to expect, you can always check out the past ceremonies.

Step 7: Mailed Diploma Timeline

Once you complete all of your courses and your instructors submit your final grades, your academic records will be reviewed one last time to ensure you’ve met all of your degree requirements. You can do this as well by running a Degree Works audit. Hopefully, you will see all GREEN.

You can check your unofficial transcript for your degree posting approximately two weeks after the end of the scheduled graduation term.

If degree requirements have been met, EWU will award your degree and mail out your diploma. 

This process can take 4-6 weeks.

!!! WARNING!!! Your diploma will NOT be mailed if you have any balance on your EWU account.

Changing Your Name on Your Diploma

If you have completed your graduation application and then realized you did not have your name correct or as you wished, please email with your Name, Student ID number, and the exact way you’d like your name to display and we will adjust your name for you. 

*If you haven’t yet applied for graduation, there will be a portion of the application that asks you about how you want your name to appear and you may adjust it yourself there. 

Please note that the legal name presented in our system will be the name listed in the Commencement Program. In order to change your name in the EWU system please visit the Personal Record Changes Page for step-by-step instructions.

If you have a confidentiality hold on your account, your name will not be listed in the Commencement Program. 

Changing Your Graduation Date

If you are not able to complete your graduation requirements as originally planned, please complete the online form to Request a change of Graduation term. Your request will be reviewed and you will receive a decision at your email address.

Please note that moving your graduation date sooner than planned may have a late fee attached.