Fighting Eagles Battalion Completes Winter Field Training Exercise

Cadets of the EWU Fighting Eagles Battalion at the completion of their Winter FTX.

On February 26th, the EWU Fighting Eagles Battalion conducted its Winter Field Training Exercise (FTX), the culminating training event for the quarter. The purpose of the FTX is to test Cadets on the leadership and tactical skills in high-pressure scenarios. The entire Battalion worked together to make this event successful. The cadre served as coaches and provided mentorship throughout the exercise. MSIVs/MSVs (seniors) served as evaluators, opposition force role-players, and support staff. The MSIIIs (juniors) served as squad leaders (responsible for ~9 soldiers) and were the primary group under evaluation. The MSIIs (sophomores) served as team leaders (responsible for ~3 cadets) and the MSIs (freshmen) filled each of the teams.

Team Leaders provide guidance and direction to their teams prior to executing a mission.

The framework for evaluating MSIII cadets’ ability to lead tactical missions is the Army Leadership Requirements Model.  This model lists and defines the three key attributes (character, presence, and intellect) and 3 key competencies (leads, develops, and achieves) required to be an effective Army leader.

The Army Leadership Requirements Model is the framework for evaluating Cadets’ leadership and tactical performance.

The Winter FTX provided cadets the opportunity to continue developing critical skills such as effective communications, personnel management/delegation, resource management, and crisis management. it was a long and hard day, but the cadets finished with experiences, camaraderie and growth also their journey to become better versions of themselves as leaders.


MSIII Cadet Sergeant Browning carries a member of his squad while practicing tactical combat casualty care.


The final event of the FTX- Cadets march behind the EWU ROTC guidon (flag) on their ruck back to Cadet Hall on EWU’s campus.

20 EWU ROTC Cadets Earn Distinguished Scholar for Fall Quarter 2021

Congratulations to the Fighting Eagles Battalion 2021 Distinguished Scholars who demonstrated academic excellence in their respective degree programs! This includes Cadets who made the Dean’s List or achieved excellence as a nursing or master’s degree student.  These individuals have shown they are committed to being a scholar, athlete and leader.  Great job for representing the Fighting Eagles Battalion and Eastern Washington University!

The Fall 2021 Recipients of the Distinguished Scholar Award

MSI (Freshman) Class:

Aceyona Gamino – Pasco, Wa – Business
Ellie Brandhagen – Spokane, Wa – PreNursing
Jack Barclay – Exercise Science
Mary Kovell – Bothell, Wa – Music

MSII (Sophomore) Class:
Nik Chapple – Glendora, Ca – International Business
Kristen Buckingham – Kirkland, Wa – Exercise Science

MSIII (Junior) Class:
Josh Browning – Spokane, Wa – Entrepreneurship
Jessica Dundas – Spokane, Wa – PreNursing
Joseph Flippen – Spokane, Wa – History
Daisy Palencia – Prosser, Wa – Computer Science
Kaitlynn Taylor – Plains, Mt – Human Resources
Chandler Tomason – Charlevoix, Michigan – Sociology
Sam Yancey – Spokane, Wa – Mechanical Engineering

MSIV & MSV (Senior) Class:
Valentino Olmstead – Pullman, Wa – Forensic Science
Corina Lindsey – Bellingham, Wa – Criminal Justice
Adam Burnside – Rancho Cucamonga, Ca – Business Management
Thomas Luce – Spokane, Wa – History Education
Everett Kuhnel – Camas, Wa – Geography
Zachary Becker – Liberty Lake, Wa – MBA
Kaylie Meyers-Watters – Cheney, Wa – Nursing

Two EWU Cadets Earn ROTC Scholarships for over $34,000 Each

Congratulations to Cadets Kristen Buckingham and Maximiliano Ruiz who both earned Army scholarships starting this quarter!  Each scholarship includes $34,000 to pay full tuition for their degree as well as $1,200 per year for books and a $420 monthly stipend.  These scholarships will enable Kristen and Max to complete their degrees at EWU and commission as U.S. Army Officers.  Kristen is studying Exercise Science and Max, Biology.  We are excited to have them join the team!

Cadet Kristen Buckingham

Cadet Maximiliano Ruiz

Pictures from the Snow Covered Eastern Washington University Campus

School was closed today at Eastern Washington University (EWU) due to the approximately 6 inches of snow that fell around the Cheney area.  All the snow made driving around Cheney challenging, but it sure made the university look more scenic than usual.

There is more snow on the way tonight for the Spokane area, but in the meantime enjoy the below pictures from around today’s nearly deserted EWU campus:

Picture of the front of Cadet Hall.

Our ROTC pickup truck covered in snow.

Cadet Hall covered in heavy snow.

Wall course below Cadet Hall.

The Computer and Engineering Building located adjacent to Cadet Hall.

The main pathway through the EWU campus.

The historic school house located on the EWU campus

Snow accumulated on a table in front of Patterson Hall.

Snow piled up in front of Roos Field.