Eastern Washington University ROTC Graduates: 1960 – 1969

Below are the graduates from the Eastern Washington University (EWU) Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) battalion from 1960 – 1969. This list is compiled from the records we were able to find here at the university.  To help make this list as accurate as possible we request that alumni send in any corrections or additions for this list via our contact page or by leaving a comment below.  Go Fighting Eags!

1969Bentley, DavidInfantryActive Duty
1969Privratsky, KennethTransportationActive Duty
1968Hodson, VictorAviationActive Duty
1968McCandlis, OwenInfantryActive Duty
1968Turner, RandyAdjutant GeneralActive Duty
1968Pearson, WilliamInfantryActive Duty
1968Quigley, TomEngineerActive Duty
1968Wall, WilliamField ArtilleryActive Duty
1968Watson, AlbertInfantryActive Duty
1968Zimmerman, JamesActive Duty
1967Arney, RandallInfantryActive Duty
1967Mellick, JerryTransportationActive Duty
1967Nelson, Richard
1967Reed Jr., Henly Ed InfantryActive Duty
1967Walker, RichardInfantryActive Duty
1966Aldinger, Herbert
1966Heinemann, RobertOrdnanceArmy Reserves
1965Clark, Robert
1965Heacox, MickInfantryActive Duty
1965Morgan, Douglas
1964Magnuson, John
1964Vrandenburg, KeithField ArtilleryActive Duty
1964Wong, FrederickSignalActive Duty
1964Woods, AlexArmorActive Duty
1963Boutz, Fred
1963Grosshans, John
1963Hess, MikeInfantryActive Duty
1963Paterson, TedMilitary PoliceActive Duty
1962Ator, RichardInfantryActive Duty
1962Bean, RogerField ArtilleryActive Duty
1962Danielson, DavidInfantryActive Duty
1962England, JackInfantryActive Duty
1962Peters, Bruce
1962Ping, VictorMedical ServicesActive Duty
1962Stapleton, ShermanField ArtilleryActive Duty
1962Roberts, GaryMilitary PoliceActive Duty
1961Wolfe, RichardU.S. NavyActive Duty
1960Borg, Charles
1960Palmer, Richard
1960McFarland, JonMilitary PoliceActive Duty
1960Thiel, EdArmorActive Duty

10 thoughts on “Eastern Washington University ROTC Graduates: 1960 – 1969”

  1. Stan Johnson talked about the old field house and it reminded me of the fact the we stored hundreds of M1 rifles in racks in the dirt end of the feild house that at times were left unsecured.
    Another thing I think about is before women could take ROTC we had a service sorority called
    The Sponsor Corps. Theh heiped host at Presidents functions and had an excellent Drill team that Marched in parades throughout Eastern Washington .They wore a distinctve white Uniform. I had the honor of being their advisor in 1972 and 1973

  2. I’m an ROTC graduate class of 1967, commissioned Regular Army Infantry.
    Henly Ed Reed Jr
    Colonel (Ret)

  3. I an a ROTC graduate class of 1966, commissioned USAR Officer in Ordnance Corp
    Robert Heinemann

  4. I am a 1969 graduate of Eastern Washington State College and received my commission through the ROTC program as USAR Signal Officer. I am a veteran of Vietnam and got out of the service in 1972.
    John Woodworth

  5. My name is Stephen S. GLASS, commissioned 1968, U S Srmy, Field Artillery. I served 5 1/2 years, and sent to Viet Nam twice. I was released as a Captain. I am considering coming to EWU to reminis. Can I tour Cadet Hall? Project for your Cadets. Can they put together a list of graduates lost in Viet Nam? Graduating year are 1963 thru 1969. Please respond to Slaterpooh333@gmail.com.

  6. Graduated EWU and ROTC Commissioned Army Field Artillery in 1966. Completed EWU Military/ROTC Flight Training Program and ORWAC Class 67-22. Served Vietnam 1968 in 336th Assault Helicopter Company. Completed military career in Ohio Army National Guard. Retired 1995.
    Donald C Nelson
    COL (ret)

  7. Graduated EWSC and ROTC commissioned Army Field Artillery in 1969. Spent 28+ years on Active Duty and retired as a full Colonel, July 1998.

    Colonel Steven L. Crawford (USA, Ret.)

  8. Franklin E. Ham, 1967 EWU graduate and ROTC RA commissioned CE-later SigC.
    From the Rifle Team Era at Eastern, Company Commander in VN and VOLAR-“Go Army Racing Team” manager/driver.


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