Eastern Washington University ROTC Graduates: 1980 – 1989

Below are the graduates from the Eastern Washington University (EWU) Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) battalion from 1980 – 1989. This list is compiled from the records we were able to find here at the university.  To help make this list as accurate as possible we request that alumni send in any corrections or additions for this list via our contact page or by leaving a comment below.  Go Fighting Eags!

1988Heaton, Russ
1988Jones, Bill
1988Perrin, Scott
1988Watanabe, JamesTransportationArmy Reserves
1986Bell, Doug
1986Little, Christopher
1986Mahana, Jimmie
1985Pendry, PatrickArmorArmy Reserves/NG
1985Noble, EarlField Artillery
1985Ward, SeanInfantryActive Duty
1983Colliton, KellyMilitary IntelligenceActive Duty
1983Fromm, RonaldMilitary IntelligenceActive Duty
1983Lentz, PeterAir Defense ArtilleryActive Duty
1983Ringenbach, ToddInfantryArmy Reserves
1983Souza, Mark
1983Volesky, GaryInfantryActive Duty
1983Witters, DelwinField ArtilleryActive Duty
1982Borreson, MarkAir Defense ArtilleryActive Duty
1982Campbell, MarthaMilitary IntelligenceArmy Reserves
1982Casper, JamesAir Defense ArtilleryArmy Reserves
1982Chapman, GregoryUnassignedArmy Reserves
1982Crayne, ZonnaUnassignedArmy Reserve
1982Harris, GregoryEngineersArmy Reserves
1982Hayes, MarcusEngineersArmy Reserves
1982LeBlanc, JamesMedical Service CorpsArmy Reserves
1982Lindsey, JonathanUnassignedArmy Reserves
1982Peterson, JerryQuartermaster CorpsArmy Reserves
1982Ross, TerrylMilitary IntelligenceActive Duty
1982Sealey, FranklinMilitary IntelligenceActive Duty
1982Van Epps, TrinaUnassignedArmy Reserves
1982Walker, WilliamArmorArmy Reserves
1981Abbott, George
1981Liberg, BradOrdnanceActive Duty
1981Maxson, MichaelMedical Service CorpsArmy Reserves
1981Crockett, DuaneAviation (AH-64 Apache)Active Duty
1980Bachman, MarkAdjutant GeneralActive Duty
1980Driver, EarlAdjutant GeneralActive Duty
1980Lisi, MarkInfantryActive Duty
1980Mittelstaedt, JoelArmorActive Duty
1980Todd, FrankSignal CorpsActive Duty
1980Bland, JosephMedical ServiceArmy Reserves
1980Harmon III, JohnInfantryArmy Reserves
1980Hoppes, StephanAdjutant GeneralArmy Reserves
1980Lantz, MarkField ArtilleryArmy Reserves
1980Larkin, RussellAdjutant GeneralArmy Reserves
1980Sheldon, PamelaAdjutant GeneralArmy Reserves
1980Simmons, KathleenOrdnanceArmy Reserves
1980Wanzenried, RobertSignal CorpsArmy Reserves
1980Johnson, LeslieMilitary PoliceNational Guard
1980Joplin, PeteCorps of EngineersActive Duty
1980VanNostrand, JamesMilitary IntelligenceActive Duty
1980Alfano, JohnInfantryActive Duty
1980Carlson, CatherineArmy Nurse CorpsActive Duty
1987Storms, BenjaminAviationActive Duty

1 thought on “Eastern Washington University ROTC Graduates: 1980 – 1989”

  1. Ahrens Finance RA
    Bright ADA RA
    Crockett FA RA
    Johnson, FA RA
    Liberg, Ord RA
    Medaglia ADA RA
    Wells, AG RA
    Abbott, George INF USAR
    Haeg, INF USAR (served as an FA Officer)
    Hale INF USAR
    Ham Armor USAR
    Howell, Armor USAR
    Johnston, QMC USAR
    Jones, FIN USAR
    Leblanc, FA USAR
    Maxson Med USAR
    Nagy Unassigned USAR
    Peterson Corps of Eng USAR
    Riegal INF USAR
    Bailey branch unassigned
    Lawrence INF USNG
    Walker Kevin Branch unassigned USNG


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