EWU Completes Spring FTX with Gonzaga and Central Washington Universities

EWU, CWU and GU Cadets conduct Spring FTX training at Camp 7 Mile, WA

From April 22-24, EWU Army ROTC completed our Spring Field Training Exercise (FTX) with cadets from Central Washington University and Gonzaga University. We blended the nearly 150 cadets together to help them develop their team-building skills and prepare our juniors for the pivotal Advanced Camp assessment they will undergo this summer. Cadets had to complete day and night land navigation, sleep out in the cold for a couple of nights, and endure days of difficult situational training exercise lanes against a determined opposition force. It was a tough experience, but our cadets finished strong and they walked away with a better sense of confidence in who they are as leaders and their personal strength.

5th SFAB provides teaching/coaching/mentoring support
Cadets conducted air MEDEVAC training with Rainier Dustoff

A big thank you to Rainier Dustoff for the helicopter support, 5th Security Force Assistance Brigade for the coaching/mentoring/training support, and CWU and GU for working together with us to make such a great event for all of our cadets!

Go Eags!

EWU ROTC Cadets at the Spring FTX

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