Fighting Eagles Battalion Holds Contracting Ceremony for Army ROTC Nursing Scholarship Winner

This week the Eastern Washington University (EWU) Army ROTC battalion conducted a contracting ceremony for Cadet (CDT) Olivia Roble.  CDT Roble is a second year Cadet at EWU who is originally from Auburn, Washington. In high school CDT Roble applied for an Army ROTC National Scholarship to help her achieve her dream of becoming a nurse. CDT Roble was selected for a National Scholarship that will pay for four of the five years required for a nursing degree.  After finishing her first year at EWU, she became eligible this year to contract into the U.S. Army and activate her scholarship benefits.

Contracting Ceremony
EWU Army ROTC Cadet Olivia Roble, (right) prepares to take the Oath of Enlistment administered by Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Stafford (left).

During the ceremony Cadet Roble was given the Oath of Enlistment by Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Stafford, the Professor of Military Science for the EWU Army ROTC program.

Olivia Roble
EWU Army ROTC Cadet, Olivia Roble takes the Oath of Enlistment.

The contracting ceremony was a special moment for CDT Roble since her dad, a retired Coast Guard veteran was on hand for the event.  After taking the Oath of Enlistment, her father placed the EWU patch on her right shoulder sleeve signifying her as being a contracted Cadet.

contracting ceremony hug
EWU Army ROTC Cadet, Olivia Roble receives a hug from her father after contracting into the U.S. Army to become a nurse.

Contracting into Army ROTC activated CDT Roble’s scholarship benefits which include:

  • Full tuition and mandatory fees (or $10,000 annually for room & board)
  • $1,200 annually for books and supplies
  • A monthly stipend of $420
  • Ability to apply for Army sponsored internships
  • Opportunity to attend advanced military training
EWU Army ROTC Cadet, Oliva Roble (center) is contracted for contracting into the Army by fellow Cadets, Cierra Neumann (left) and Isabell Pannell (right).

Cadet Roble is part of the largest Army ROTC nursing program in Washington State and the Inland Northwest. If you want to become a future Army nurse like Cadet Roble, EWU ROTC can help get you there.  We have scholarships available to qualified applicants.  You can read more about how to become an Army nurse by clicking the below tab or contacting the Army ROTC office at .

Army Nursing

Go Army Nursing!  Go Fighting Eags!

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