Fighting Eagles Battalion 2022 Dining Out

Cadets present the colors to begin the formal ceremonies

On Friday, March 18th, EWU ROTC hosted its 2022 Dining Out in Hargreaves Hall on campus. All of the attendees enjoyed a chance to dress up, socialize, and even engage in some shenanigans by calling each other out over “violations of the mess.” Not event the Professor Military Science escaped scrutiny and, like all the other violators, had to drink from “the Grog.”  Our MSIV (senior) and MSIII (junior) Cadets shared their favorite memories of ROTC and each other.


MSI and MSII Cadets add ingredients with symbolic meaning to the “Grog”

Cadets who violated the “Rules of the Mess” take a drink from the “Grog”

We closed the evening with our guest speaker, Lieutenant Colonel (ret) Brad Liberg, class of 1981. Brad retired after 22 years and a battalion command in the Army, followed by a successful 18 years in education culminating with him becoming Principal of Pasadena Park Elementary School in Spokane Valley. His story shows ROTC can be a springboard to success in two very different chapters in life.

Guest speaker Lieutenant Colonel (ret.) Brad Liberg and his wife, Tamera

 It was a great night and there was a lot of fun had by all!

LTC Van Meter Represents EWU ROTC at Eastern Edge Event, “Defending the Digital Horizon”

EWU ROTC Professor of Military Science, LTC Van Meter, speaks at Eastern Edge cybersecurity panel

On March 11th, Lieutenant Colonel Van Meter represented the Military Science Department as part of an expert panel on cybersecurity during an Eastern Edge session in Spokane. The event, titled “Defending the Digital Horizon,” was meant to help advise local businesses about cybersecurity best practices and showcase the educational opportunities at EWU. LTC Van Meter explained that students can receive a U.S. Army scholarship to study computer science and gain leadership skills through ROTC. Graduates could then choose to serve full-time or part-time in the Army as Cyber Operations Officers after graduation and receive continuing education benefits to earn IT/cybersecurity certifications. Local business leaders definitely liked the idea of their employees getting industry standard training through the Army Reserve or National Guard at no cost to their business!

Fighting Eagles Battalion Completes Winter Field Training Exercise

Cadets of the EWU Fighting Eagles Battalion at the completion of their Winter FTX.

On February 26th, the EWU Fighting Eagles Battalion conducted its Winter Field Training Exercise (FTX), the culminating training event for the quarter. The purpose of the FTX is to test Cadets on the leadership and tactical skills in high-pressure scenarios. The entire Battalion worked together to make this event successful. The cadre served as coaches and provided mentorship throughout the exercise. MSIVs/MSVs (seniors) served as evaluators, opposition force role-players, and support staff. The MSIIIs (juniors) served as squad leaders (responsible for ~9 soldiers) and were the primary group under evaluation. The MSIIs (sophomores) served as team leaders (responsible for ~3 cadets) and the MSIs (freshmen) filled each of the teams.

Team Leaders provide guidance and direction to their teams prior to executing a mission.

The framework for evaluating MSIII cadets’ ability to lead tactical missions is the Army Leadership Requirements Model.  This model lists and defines the three key attributes (character, presence, and intellect) and 3 key competencies (leads, develops, and achieves) required to be an effective Army leader.

The Army Leadership Requirements Model is the framework for evaluating Cadets’ leadership and tactical performance.

The Winter FTX provided cadets the opportunity to continue developing critical skills such as effective communications, personnel management/delegation, resource management, and crisis management. it was a long and hard day, but the cadets finished with experiences, camaraderie and growth also their journey to become better versions of themselves as leaders.


MSIII Cadet Sergeant Browning carries a member of his squad while practicing tactical combat casualty care.


The final event of the FTX- Cadets march behind the EWU ROTC guidon (flag) on their ruck back to Cadet Hall on EWU’s campus.

Celebration of the 70th Anniversary of ROTC at EWU planned for June 17th, 2022

Join us to celebrate 70 years of ROTC at EWU!

The Fighting Eagles Battalion is hosting a celebration of the 70th Anniversary of ROTC at EWU on Friday, June 17th, 2022.  We cordially invite ROTC alumni, family and friends to come and celebrate with us.  The Anniversary event will be Friday morning, followed by the Class of 2022 commissioning in the afternoon.

Follow this link for additional timeline and location details:

Second Lieutenant Hunter Smith Earns Army Achievement Medal for Recruiting Efforts

Congratulations to Second Lieutenant (2LT) Hunter Smith who earned an Army Achievement Medal for his work with the ROTC faculty as a recruiter.  After graduating from EWU with a degree in mechanical engineering this past summer, 2LT Smith joined our faculty while he waited for the start of the Infantry Basic Officer Leader Course this February, followed by Ranger School. During his time working as faculty, 2LT Smith made a major impact in recruiting and spreading the word to local high schools about the opportunity EWU ROTC provides.  We wish him all the best, safe travels and success in his upcoming training!

Professor of Military Science, LTC Van Meter presents 2LT Smith the Army Achievement Medal.

EWU ROTC Fighting Eagles Battalion Fall 2021 GPA Highlights

EWU ROTC Fighting Eagles Battalion recognizes the scholarly accomplishments of its Cadets in the Fall 2021 quarter.  Academic performance in their college classes is essential to every Cadets’ success in the ROTC program and is a key pillar of the ROTC officer model – scholar, athlete, leader. Many of our Cadets are finding success navigating their academic experience and we are proud of them representing the Fighting Eagles Battalion and EWU!