Fighting Eagles Cadets Conduct Communications and Reporting Lab

On January 14, 2021 the Fighting Eagles Cadets from the Eastern Washington University Army ROTC program conducted their second leadership lab of the Winter Quarter, the Communications and Reporting Lab.  During this training the Cadets were divided up into their three platoons in three different outdoor areas to mitigate COVID-19 infection.  They also wore masks and socially distanced to further mitigate COVID spread during the training.

Cadets stand in formation before the start of training.

Cadets prepare to start training.

The primary trainers for the lab were the MS-III (Junior) Cadets.  The lab gave them practice preparing and executing the training plan for the MS-I (Freshman) and MS-II (Sophomore) Cadets.

MS-III Cadet, Olivia Roble was one of the primary trainers during the Communications and Reporting Lab.

During the lab, the EWU ROTC Cadets rotated through three stations where they received instruction on how to operate the ASIP radio, perform a SALUTE report, and a situation report (SITREP).  During the first station each Cadet had the chance to put an ASIP radio together and set it up to the right channels and frequency to communicate with each other.  In the SALUTE report station, Cadets were placed on a hill overlooking a mock scene replicating an enemy position. The Cadets then had to use proper SALUTE procedures to report what they saw at the enemy position to their higher headquarters.

MS-IV Cadet, Christopher Millward demonstrates how to use the ASIPS radio.

The last station the Cadets were trained on was the SITREP station. Cadets were taking the SALUTE report they created at the last station and formed it into a SITREP. This report provides for detailed information for the chain of command. A SITREP is used for giving the commander a report of what their unit is seeing. These stations are bettering the Cadets to use proper communication with the ASIP radio and what reports to use on the radio system.

MS-III Cadet, Zachary Becker low crawls and rights down surveillance information for his SALUTE report.

During the upcoming Winter quarter labs, the Cadets will learn additional skills in addition to radio reporting to prepare them for squad operations training.  All the skills they are learning in the labs this quarter will culminate with executing the winter field training exercise (FTX) that is scheduled in March.

Go ROTC!  Go Fighting Eags! 

Note: Many more pictures from the training can be seen on our EWU Army ROTC Flickr page