Support Services

EWU and our local community provide a number of support services to students and employees who have been subjected to sex-based discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking. These support services are available regardless of whether someone wants to file a complaint with the police or university.

Support services are also available to respondents who are going through the investigation and hearing process for Title IX complaints.

Use the links below to see available support resources.

The Confidential Services page includes a list of services that are confidential. "Confidential" means they are not required to report Title IX incidents to EWU.

The Non-Confidential Services page include a list of resources to assist you with your reporting options for criminal or EWU conduct complaints.

The Additional Services page includes links to medical services, legal services, immigration attorneys, and EWU's financial aid office. These links are provided to assist complainants and respondents with their concerns/needs related to a Title IX issue/incident.