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Calendar Sync FAQs

FAQs About Calendar Sync

These are questions from internal and external Navigate users related to Calendar Sync. If you have a question not covered here, please ask it in the Help Center community.

What is Free/Busy?

 These are events that have synced from your calendar into the Navigate platform. The “Free/Busy” sync option is one way to sync your calendar if your institution did not set up Exchange sync for Outlook OR if you use Google Calendar.

Why does the box look like that?

 The box for Free/Busy is configured to look the way it does for accessibility reasons. This way, screen readers can read the Free/Busy box.

Why won’t certain events sync on my calendar? 

There are several reasons why events do not sync on your Navigate calendar. First, a recurring event with no end-date will not sync in Navigate. Recurring events with more than 200 instances also will not sync.

What do “Tentative” appointments on my calendar sync as on Navigate? Tentative, busy, and away appointments all sync as “Busy” on your Navigate calendar. Why can’t I cancel my appointment on Navigate?

The appointment was probably created in your personal calendar. You need to edit your appointment in your personal calendar application, not in Navigate.

Why can’t I cancel my appointment in my personal calendar?

 The appointment was probably created in Navigate. If an appointment is created in Navigate, you have to cancel it in Navigate.

When should I sync my calendar?

 We recommend only syncing the calendar once. So we strongly recommend not syncing your calendar on your training site, but only on your production site so that no sample appointments appear on your personal calendar.

What happens if I change my name or my email at my institution? 

You will need to have your account reset. The information will need to be put into user settings before syncing the updated calendar. Talk to your institution’s Navigate administrator if this is your situation.

How many calendars can I sync with Navigate? 

You can only choose one calendar to sync with Navigate. If you are trying to sync multiple calendars with Navigate, there will be errors and it will not be successful.

Can your Calendar see details of my personal appointments?

 No. Calendar does not see details of your personal appointments. It only pulls in your appointments to list time as Free/Busy to prevent scheduling appointments conflicts.

How can I see a list of my advising appointments? 

There are two ways to do this in the Navigate platform. One, run a report for the day or the week. The other is to click on the List of Calendar tab to get a list for this and next week.

What should I do if Exchange Sync is experiencing repeated errors? 

Your calendar may have stopped syncing for a number of reasons. In order to diagnose the error and reset your calendar, please contact your application administrator, who can troubleshoot with you and then work with our Member Support team for further help.

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