EWU Aspire – Visions & Value

Our Values & Vision

We believe that all students have the right to pursue the postsecondary pathway that aligns best with their personal and professional passions, ensuring they achieve their career and life goals. We envision a future in which all students have the opportunity to choose the best postsecondary pathway for them, one that leads them to a family-sustaining wage career. Eastern Washington is a dynamic and innovative region and we must ensure that all students and families have the means to thrive while doing something that they are passionate about.

We value: 

Collaboration – we seek collaboration and partnership across the EWU campus with regional nonprofit partners and K-12 schools.

Equity – we seek to provide a relevant, updated curriculum that is provided to our mentors and to mentees that centers students and their lived experiences.

Best-Fit Pathway – we honor each student’s personal and professional drive, supporting everyone to find their best-fit postsecondary pathway that leads to a family-sustaining wage and a fulfilling career.