Application documents just got a whole lot easier!

Wisedoc is an AI-powered resume development service available at no cost to all current EWU students, staff, and faculty. Wisedoc guides you from start to finish with simple tips and effective tools to guide you in writing an impressive resume.

Using Wisedoc, you can:

  • Create master documents and easily tailor them for each job application.
  • Optimize your documents for ATS, increasing your chances of getting to the top of the pile and getting interviewed.
  • Use the AI to compare your resume to a job listing and get suggestions to tailor more accurately.
  • Get your documents reviewed by an EWU career advisor without having to wait for an appointment.

How to login

  1. Click the button at the top of this page or go to https://docs.wisedoc.net/signin.
  2. Click Sign in with Institution.
  3. Choose Eastern Washington University.
  4. Enter your NetID (not your email) in the field.
  5. Click Login. You'll be taken to EWU's SSO page to enter your password.

Incoming Students

If you are an incoming student, DO NOT register for an account. You'll be able to login as soon as you have a NetID and password.

Need Help?

We encourage all EWU Wisedoc users to watch the helpful tutorial on Wisedoc's YouTube page. It covers:

  • Creating Your First Resume Resume
  • Resume Customization
  • Tetra AI Resume Review
  • One-Click Cover Letter Creation
  • Tetra AI Cover Letter Review
  • Requesting Resume Review From Advisors
  • Short Summary

Login problems? Contact the EWU IT Help Desk at helpdesk@ewu.edu.

Other questions? Contact the EWU Career Center.