Internships are essential professional learning experiences that complement what you're learning in class, help you explore careers choices, and learn how to navigate the real world workplace. We recommend students do two or more internships before graduating.

Note: If you have legal barriers to participating in an internship do to citizenship or work authorization status, please meet with a career advisor to discuss options for your unique situation. 

Update to Internship Guidelines for COVID-19

View updates to internship requirements in relation to the COVID-19 outbreak.

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How Internships Work

If you are new to internships, here are some things you should know. We also offer Internships 101 Workshops several times a quarter.

Find an Internship

Because of the preparation involved and the competitive job market, it's important to start looking early. We recommend starting your search at least a couple months before you need one.

Set up your Internship

Once you have found an internship and are hired, follow these steps.

Insurance for Student Interns

For students in need of liability or medical insurance, EWU has resources available for you. 

Section 1:  Workplace Accidents and Unpaid Interns

If you are an unpaid intern, you are automatically covered by our volunteer insurance policy, CIMA. This insurance will cover workplace or auto accidents that occurred as a result of an internship task.  If you already have medical insurance, CIMA will not replace your existing coverage.  However, CIMA may be able to cover expenses that your primary provider will not cover.  This is not liability insurance.  If you need liability insurance in addition to workplace Accident insurance, see section 2.  

Section 2: Professional Liability Insurance

Should students need professional liability insurance, the students must purchase it on an individual basis.

Students can purchase the insurance for $5 through the EWU Marketplace at

More information and links can be found at


EWU does not provide workplace accident insurance for paid internships, and students will have to either use their own health insurance or purchase the optional health insurance from EWU, which is more general.  Also, be sure to ask the internship site if they provide this (since they are already paying you).

**Note, the MultiCare Rockwood Clinic Student Health Services that Cheney and Spokane student pay for with their Comprehensive Health and Wellness fee is only for limited medical services.  The website has more information.

Any questions regarding these services should be sent to:

Casey Mowatt
Internships and Employer Relations Coordinator
EWU Career Center
332 Pence Union Building
Cheney, WA 99004-2444