Student & Alumni Spotlight: Kelsey Rosales, ’19

This week’s Student & Alumni Spotlight focuses on Kelsey Rosales, ‘19! Kelsey earned his degree in Computer Science and now works as a Software Engineer, particularly with smart glasses such as Google glass, Vuzix, and Realwear. 

Kelsey came into his role through transitioning from a different department. “As an Android developer specializing in hands free applications, I found my role after working in customer support for the manufacturer of Realwear devices,” he says. Kelsey also mentioned that working on cutting edge devices and technologies is what he enjoys most as a Software Engineer.

We asked Kelsey if he’d expected to end up in his current position when he was still at EWU. “No,” he said, “I only took one Android class, and even though I did do well…it wasn’t my favorite. Fast forward a few years, and I love Android development now!” 

If Kelsey could give any career advice to his fellow Eagles, it would be to try different things. “I wish I had taken more classes to try different languages,” he said. “The more you can expand your knowledge early, the easier it will be to grow your skill set in the future!”

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