Virtual Internship Guide for Employers

Strategies for maintaining a good virtual internship

Choose The Best Platform For Online Collaboration

Virtual interns need a place to share documents, assign tasks, and communicate regularly. An online collaboration platform ensures that everyone is on the same page. Ideally, there should be Video Conferencing and Project Management online tools in place to aid this process. Interns can also use these online platforms to clarify tasks and ask questions. Here are some that you can look into.

  • Zoom
  • Microsoft Team
  • Asana Task Manager

Incorporate Group Projects and Activities To Build Practical Experience

Projects, case studies, scenarios, and online training examples give virtual interns real-world experience in a supportive online setting.

Schedule Weekly Web Meetings

Weekly web meetings give interns, managers, and coordinators a chance to touch bases. They can discuss the virtual intern’s progress and create a plan to help them improve.


Many internships involve some sort of compensation. However, you can further motivate students by adding bonus incentives. They don’t necessarily have to be monetary, but it’s preferred.

Offer Ongoing  Support And Feedback

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is leaving your virtual interns to their own devices. You cannot simply set the ground rules, give them a list of tasks, and then send them on their way. Virtual interns need ongoing online support and feedback so that they can continually improve.

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