Virtual Interviewing

If you are new to virtual interviewing, it can be an adjustment. The good news is, it's new for many people. As employers and candidates alike are seeing the benefits of this format, it's likely here to stay for good, at least in some portions of the interview process. You are likely to have a virtual interview at some point in your career and the following tips are here to help you have the best experience possible.

Though these tips are a great start to navigating a virtual interview, they are only one piece of the puzzle. Check out our Interviewing page for advice on preparing for an interview, answering interview questions, and following up.

Need quiet virtual interview space?

If you're struggling to find a quiet, distraction free space to do a virtual interview, we got you.

Interview Skills Practice and Appointments

We offer several options for improving your interview skills. Schedule an appointment with a Career Advisor to learn about interviewing strategies and follow it up with at least one mock interview appointment.

Mock interviewing allows you to practice your interviewing skills followed by feedback and advice.

Big Interview is an online platform with interviewing advice and tools for practicing.

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Panelists: Cole Harrison from ASEWU and Kassie Hinerman, Talent Acquisition Manager at Enterprise

Hosts: Nate Bryant and Jenica Jett, EWU Career Center


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