Eastern Washington University ROTC Cadet Awarded the Prestigious Legion of Valor Bronze Cross

The Eastern Washington University (EWU) Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) program is pleased to announce that Chad Triplett has been awarded the Legion of Valor Bronze Cross for Achievement in recognition of being the top Cadet in the western United States.

Legion of Valor Bronze Cross
Chad Triplett, a Cadet in the Eastern Washington University Army ROTC program was awarded the Legion of Valor Bronze Cross.

The Legion of Valor traces its roots back to 1890 when veterans created an organization to promote patriotism, belief in the U.S. Constitution, and support of civil liberties.  Members of the Legion of Valor are all recipients of the nation’s highest military awards for heroism, the Medal of Honor, the Distinguished Service Cross, the Navy Cross, or the Air Force Cross.

Legion of Valor Crest
Legion of Valor Crest

The Legion of Valor began awarding the Bronze Cross in 1961 to top Army ROTC Cadets across the country.  The recognition expanded to include Air Force ROTC Cadets in 1962, and Naval Cadets in 1975.  Cadets selected for the award go through a competitive nomination process through their ROTC Brigades where they must have dem0nstrated academic excellence, outstanding leadership potential, and a high degree of physical fitness.  The Legion of Valor then selects its winners of the Bronze Cross for Achievement from the brigade nominations.  Only 1 in 4,000 Cadets across the country receive this award.  Cadet Triplett this year was selected as the Legion of Valor’s top Cadet in the 8th ROTC Brigade that covers the western part of the United States, Hawaii, Alaska, and Guam.

Chad is a Criminal Justice major who is on pace to graduate with honors, scored a perfect 300 on his Army Physical Fitness Test, is part of the university’s Ranger Challenge team, was awarded a Gold German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge, and is active in volunteer activities in the community.  This past summer he completed ROTC Advanced Camp at Ft. Knox, Kentucky with the highest rating of “outstanding” and graduated from the U.S. Army Airborne School at Ft. Benning, Georgia.  He has also been recognized as one of this year’s Chertok Scholars from the College of Social Sciences.  Finally, Triplett is the current Cadet Commanding Officer for the EWU Army ROTC “Fighting Eagles” ROTC Battalion.

The last known Eastern ROTC Cadet to win the annual Legion of Valor Bronze Cross for Achievement award was Richard Ator who graduated from EWU in 1962.  Cadet Triplett after graduating later this year from Eastern will commission in the rank of Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army.  Congratulations to Cadet Triplett for this prestigious accomplishment.

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