Throwback Thursday: 1968 Picture of the EWU Army ROTC Jeep

1968 EWU Army ROTC Jeep

This is a picture from the 1968 Kinnikinik Yearbook published by then Eastern Washington State College of the Army ROTC Jeep.  Eastern’s mascot back then was the Savages and thus the Jeep was named “Lil Savage”.  Today the university’s mascot is the Eagles and thus the ROTC Jeep is named “Lil Eag”.  After all these decades the ROTC Jeep is still up and running and can be seen at every home football game next to the Cannon Crew.

We encourage any of our EWU Army ROTC alumni and friends to stop by and see “Lil Eag” and our historic World War II howitzer when attending home football games.  We hope to see you there!  Go Eags!

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