Public Policy, Planning, & Law


Public Policy, Planning, & Law

If you are interested in making an impact in your community and improving the lives of others this could be an industry for you! A legal career or position in government requires more than a history, law, or political science degree. Folks with strong writing skills, an analytical mind, or interest in a collaborative approach to work can find a place in this industry.

Perform online job search and research the industry

Seek on-campus opportunities for networking, experiential learning, and employment

Seek off-campus opportunities for networking, information gathering, and experiential learning

To find the opportunities below, we strongly recommend connecting with people and organizations in the fields you’re interested in. This is called networking. To learn more about how to network and where to find networking opportunities, visit our Learn How to Network page.

Research, apply, and complete an internship to develop skills relevant to the industry

Internships are a great way to experience a field of interest and see if it’s a good fit. Visit the Do an Internship page for more information about how internships work, how to find them, and how to set them up.

Sample internships: