Post an On-Campus Job

All positions are posted through Handshake, the online career management system for EWU students, alumni and employers. Once a position is posted, students can apply through Handshake or submit their applications directly via e-mail to the designated contact for that position.

Handshake Tips

We encourage you to use the following tips to make your on-campus recruitment efforts as smooth and successful as possible.

Internet Browsers
Handshake works best in internet browsers other than Internet Explorer. We recommend Chrome or Firefox.

Select a Division
Select "Eastern Washington University - Student Employment" as the employer and then type in or select your department as the "Division".

Permanent Vs. Temporary
All students are considered Temporary. Please remember to enter the start and end date of the position.

Currently, there is not a field for you to enter the required hours per week. Please list this information in the job description.

Pay Rate
Don't forget to mark the correct pay rate (i.e. per hour, per year). To do so, select it in the drop down menu to the right of the salary.

If you are open to all majors, you don't need to select any of the boxes.

Please include your attachments on each job as a link, or forward the file(s) to student employment and let us know which job to add it to.

Work Study and Non-Work-Study
If you need to advertise for both a Work Study and Non-Work Study job, you need to make two postings. You can easily duplicate your job by selecting "duplicate this job" from the left-hand navigation inside the first job. Then change one of them to non-work-study.

Other Documents
If you are requiring students to submit "other documents", please check that box. Please also include this requirement in your description.

Finishing Up
Please close your job posting once you have finished hiring and do not forget to let every applicant know if they were not chosen – don’t leave them hanging.