Do you know your rights?

Review the Student Employment Policies!

Did you know?

  • Students who work 1 - 20 hours a week have an average higher GPA than students who don’t work at all. 1
  • Students who work 1 - 12 hours a week are more likely to complete their Bachelor’s degree than students who don’t work. 2
  • Students who work while in college learn teamwork and time-management skills while building experience for their resume.

1 2008 Parental Transfers, Student Achievement, and the Labor Supply of College Students. 2 2004/09 Beginning Postsecondary Students Longitudinal Study (BPS:04/09)

Benefits of Working on Campus


On-campus employers understand students’ busy and changing schedules. You’re likely to get shifts that work with your classes, final exam schedules, and campus breaks.


Save money on gas and other vehicle expenses. With EWU’s on-campus housing options, work is just a walk away!

Friends and Networking

Many students who work on-campus make lasting friendships with their student co-workers. On-campus student workers also have more opportunities to make valuable connections with EWU staff and faculty.

Campus Involvement

Working on-campus gives students more access to campus activities and resources. It’s a great way to get to know EWU!